No matter how accepted cannabis is becoming, every stoner knows the experience; you are caught somewhere, for some reason, high.

Most experienced stoners have figured out a way to handle this situation. But what if you are a relative newbie?

How does one manage and conquer this scenario? Read on for our best tips.


Your eyes turn bright red at a single puff. You cannot control the giggles. You are paranoid about the martians who have just landed next door. Or you otherwise exhibit stereotypical stoner behaviour every time you toke. If this is you, think seriously about the strategy of evasive procedures.

In general, it is a good idea for novices to experiment around friends. Getting high by yourself is a lonely experience. Try to be in a group of people that you know and trust during your first few toking sessions.

That way, any weed-induced flubs will be dealt with appropriately. Getting high with strangers can often combine the jitters of meeting new people with the paranoia of being a new smoker. Unless you thrive in spontaneous circumstances, this situation is best avoided.


Cannabis consumption results in certain telltale signs. If you prepare beforehand, you can be prepared to act at a moment’s notice. Stocking up on sunglasses, eye drops, gum, and even a spray-on deodoriser is a smart idea. Sploofs - a kind of filter that blocks smoke (and odour) from dissipating - can also help.

You might also consider showering to remove the smell of smoke from your body and hair.
Changing your clothes is another way to get rid of the lingering dank scent. Even if you don’t go to these extremes, remember to wash your hands and perhaps brush your teeth. Handling cannabis can leave a strong smell.

Having candles and air fresheners in stock is always a good idea.

Cannabis High


Ok, this is a hard one if you are ravenous, glued to the couch, or cannot contain giggle fits. Stay clear from talking about the euphoria you feel. That one is a dead giveaway. If you must be social with non-smokers after you indulge, don’t attempt this as a newbie. You will become a bundle of nerves. Once you get used to the feeling, you will be better able to interact with “civilians” and “pass”.

In the meantime? Keep conversations short and sweet. Your high won’t last very long. Get back to them later.

Do try to be around others who at least tolerate cannabis consumption. The silly goofs you might engage in will be forgiven faster. In many cases, your friends won’t care if you’re acting a little stoney.

Don’t engage in heated and emotional conversations. Let it go until you are more grounded and sober. And most certainly, do not fidget or “act guilty.” Chances are, most people won’t notice. Don’t tip them off.


There is nothing worse than having anti-cannabis in-laws drop by right after a bong session. Or worse. Especially if you live in a less-than-weed-friendly jurisdiction, it is highly recommended that you have a convenient, easy-to-reach hiding place. This includes the weed itself, plus all accessories. Keep your cannabis in a well-sealed environment. This is one way to preserve its potency. But it is also a good idea if you are conscious about the smell. If you use a bong or other equipment, keep them clean.


Remove yourself from temptations you will regret later. This includes keeping large amounts of “binge-perfect” food in the fridge, or waxing philosophical over any topic. With anyone.
If you know you tend to get the munchies, prepare ahead of time by only having healthy snacks within reach.

And while your divergent thoughts might be fascinating to you, try not to overshare them. Write them down and come back to them later (when not stoned). You will be glad you did.

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