By Luke Sholl


Move over Netflix and chill, there is a new kid in town—Netflix and blaze. Not only has the world of cannabis cultivation taken the streaming platform by storm, but people from all backgrounds are tuning in. With topics covering the golden days of marijuana, or more satirical content, there is something for everyone.


Whether you want to work your way through the entire list, or pick the category that appeals to you, our complete guide names some of the best cannabis-themed shows available.


Super High Me 

Super Size Me, a show that examined the effects of McDonald’s meals, has inspired Super High Me. Back in 2004, Morgan Spurlock set out to understand the influence of fast food on our health. The only way he could achieve his goal was to eat nothing but McDonald’s meals for an entire month.

Super High Me uses the original film format to take a satirical look at what happens when Doug Benson (High Times Stoner of the Year) quits the 420 grind for 30 days before blazing for another 30 days straight. Along the way, he tries to take an objective approach in identifying the impact on his body. This indie film doesn’t take itself too seriously but provides light-hearted insight into the growing culture of marijuana use.


If you had to name someone that personified everything about the dank green herb, chances are Snoop Dogg would be the top nomination. Between him and Seth Rogen, they pretty much have the celebrity endorsement of marijuana covered.

In partnership with Vice, the documentary follows Snoop Dogg on a spiritual journey to Jamaica. If you think you have what it takes to challenge the reawakened "Snoop Lion", then try matching him toke for toke when watching. Our money says you won’t make it through the first 30 minutes, let alone the full 1h 35m.


Cheech and Chong's Next Movie 

Many argue the ’80s was one of the greatest periods for stoners. Cheech and Chong were definitely having a blast. The movie contains everything the meme culture goes wild for—crazy hijinks, wacky outfits, and of course, a ton of drugs.

There may not be an ironclad plot or an Oscar-winning cast, but spark up a few on a Sunday afternoon, and you will feel right at home with this playing in the background.


Disjointed is a Netflix original series that tries to put a modern spin on the classic antics made famous by Cheech and Chong. Described by Netflix as irreverent and wacky, the show is just that. There is plenty of laugh out loud moments, with a few serious elements carefully sprinkled along the way.

Disjointed follows Ruth Whitefeather (Kathy Bates) as she tries to successfully run a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. All we can say is, if running a dispensary is as much fun as the show makes out, we are in the wrong profession. Approach with an open mind and all twenty episodes will keep you entertained.


420—The Documentary 

If you prefer your marijuana documentaries to be a touch more factual, then 420—The Documentary is a must watch. Not only is it ideal for those already involved in cannabis culture, but it serves as a relatively balanced look at how the plant can enrich people's lives. Featuring a mix of live footage, interviews and archived highlights, the story of 420 is intriguing and empowering.

If you want to see how millions of people across the US are involved with cannabis in some shape or form, then add 420—The Documentary to your must-watch list.

The legend of 420 

Following in the same vein as 420—The Documentary, the Legend of 420 aims to take an objective look at the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. This time around, the opinions may be a little one-sided, but the documentary still offers some useful insight. With a guest appearance from Tommy Chong, there is plenty to like about The Legend of 420. One thing the show should be praised for, is depicting how marijuana has influenced industries like medicine, art and fine dining.


INSIDE: Medical Marijuana 

Endorsed by the National Geographic, Inside: Medical Marijuana documents the challenges faced by the growing medical marijuana sector. Following several business owners as they attempt to take advantage of the aptly titled “green rush”, the show does an accurate job of portraying the marijuana industry, balancing the advantages and disadvantages.

For those that live outside the US, it is fascinating to see how state laws and federal laws have become so conflicted over the matter. Go easy on the bud for this one; there is plenty to learn.

A life of its own: The truth about medical Marijuana  

A Life Of Its Own pairs real-life scenarios with the therapeutic prowess of medical marijuana. Hardened stoners will struggle to maintain a dry eye when they see some of the struggles the documentary depicts.

With rare footage of the cannabis research being carried out in Israel, A Life of Its Own does a fantastic job of breaking down the stigma attached to medicinal cannabis. The show also highlights the need for further clinical studies. Despite the growing number of anecdotal accounts, there is still much to learn about marijuana's true potential.


Murder Mountain 

Up until now, the cannabis industry has been seen through rose-tinted glasses. However, just like any area of business, where there's money to be made, those seeking to abuse are never far behind. The docuseries, Murder Mountain, tries to uncover why so many people have gone missing in Humboldt County, the cannabis cultivation capital of America. While it can be a little difficult to distinguish the facts from the sinister shots and ominous music, Murder Mountain is gripping from start to finish.

Netflix original: Cannabis 

Netflix Original: Cannabis is another dark portrayal of the illegal marijuana market. The fictional series is gritty, raw, and packed with villainous characters. If you are a fan of crime dramas in general, Cannabis is a worthy addition to the genre.

The only watch-out is things can get pretty gruesome, so as long as you're not squeamish, and you can handle subtitles, the 50 minute long episodes should keep you going well into the night.

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