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RQS Geotextile Fabric Pot

The environmentally friendly RQS fabric pot, complete with proprietary “Aqua Breathe” geotextile layer, lets your plant’s roots breathe for optimal growth. They encourage maximum strength, durability, aeration, and moisture retention in a single product. RQS fabric pots are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and work great for soil and hydro. 
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RQS Fabric Pot: The Pot To Make Growing Cannabis A Breeze

Video id: 720194751

RQS fabric pots harness a proprietary “Aqua Breathe” layer, allowing water to drain only at the base of the pot. The roots won’t grow circular, and can breathe easy so they're always oxygenated for optimal growth. The Aqua Breathe layer also functions as a filter so the RQS fabric pots do not stain the outside. RQS fabric pots are particularly resistant, with extra-strong fabric and handles to provide your plants with an extra level of protection.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, commercial nurseries, organic growers, and home gardeners. Capacity: 11 litres. The fabric pots feature the RQS logo embroidered in gold.

  • Environmentally friendly fabric pot
  • Ideal for soil and hydro culture
  • Stops circular root growth
  • Provides oxygen to the roots for optimal growth
  • Washable and degradable
  • 4, 8, 11, 15, 19 or 25-litre capacity

The inner layer is sensitive to the sun. If pots are used outside, you must fill them with growth substrate to the top.

Fabric Pot Dimensions
4 litres 15x15x18 cm
8 litres 19x19x21 cm
11 litres 23x22x22 cm
15 litres 28x23x23 cm
19 litres 30x25x25 cm
25 litres 32x28x28 cm

    By G. H. on 02/Jul/2024 :

    Title : be bop et lula
    Comment : J'avais fait des essais dans des pots en terre cuite et cette année j'ai essayé avec ces pots géotextiles. Ils sont costauds et franchement pratiques avec leurs poignées, ils pèsent (beaucoup) moins lourd, sont faciles à ranger et sont incassables. Autre détail, les pots en terre cuite ont un trou au fond pour l'évacuation de l'eau et les fourmis rentrent par là pour créer des galeries dans la terre du pot (je cultive sous serre en extérieur). Ce problème ne se pose pas avec les pots géotextiles que les fourmis n'ont pas su percer. Lors de la préparation, il faut bien remplir les pots jusqu'en haut car le substrat va se tasser lors des premiers arrosages ce qui peut conduire la motte à se casser lors des transports (les racines n'aiment pas). Ça n'empêche pas les limaces ou escargots de grimper dans les pots ;)

    By P. A. on 21/Jun/2024 :

    Title : High product
    Comment : I suggest this product

    By D. W. on 11/Jun/2024 :

    Title : Dennis
    Comment : Sehr schöne stofftöpfe mit sehr guter Qualität

    By D. H. on 30/May/2024 :

    Title : Dh
    Comment : Super Töpfe zu echt fairem Preis,habe die 25l Variante Da sollte man echt aufpassen nachdem die befüllt sind.. die Tragelaschen halten das Gewicht nicht. Besser am Rand oder Boden anfassen beim bewegen.

    By E. K. on 24/May/2024 :

    Title : E. K.
    Comment : Super Töpfe. Luftdurchlässig, gut verarbeitet. Nimmt etwas mehr Erde als angegeben da er unten quadratisch ist und oben rund, dadurch breitet er sich etwas mehr aus. Habe 8l und bin damit super zufrieden

    By D. H. on 24/May/2024 :

    Title : ChefMeisterKönig
    Comment : Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Produkt.Gutes Material, gut verarbeitet. Fairer Preis.Und sehr ansehnlich mit dem RQS Logo. Ein paar Ösen am Rand wäre toll gewesen.😉

    By N. G. on 16/May/2024 :

    Title : Ottimo
    Comment : Una garanzia della RQS, né trovi molti online a qualche euro in meno ma le rifiniture di questi sono imbattibili. Consigliati

    By F. W. on 09/May/2024 :

    Title : F.
    Comment : Sehr gute Töpfe zu einem echt fairen Preis in guter Quali! Klare Kaufempfehlung!

    By D. I. on 25/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Mi sono trovato benissimo
    Comment : Come prima esperienza con un vaso in tessuto, ho apprezzato moltissimo la qualità. Non credo tornerò indietro!

    By A. B. on 25/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Absolutely perfect
    Comment : I never used a 'normal' pot again

    By D. J. on 25/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Top Topf
    Comment : Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Top, da er wirklich sehr gut funktioniert. Lässt sich auch gut auswaschen und am besten ist, dass er günstiger ist als Plastiktöpfe aus dem Baumarkt.

    By K. M. on 03/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Perfekt.
    Comment : Ausgezeichneter Topf. Beste Drainage und Luftzirkulation. Dazu wiederverwendbar und zusammengelegt sehr platzsparend. Meiner Meinung super Produkt.

    By L. K. on 03/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Max
    Comment : This pod is very Great for growing indoor plants, all sizes and very good quality.

    By K. V. on 14/Mar/2024 :

    Title : Quality product and fast well cared for shipping....
    Comment : I don't have the room to grow in more than 25l pots, but these feel solid and will get multiple grows out of them. perfect size for a 4x4 (depending on strain).

    By C. R. on 14/Feb/2024 :

    Title : Works great
    Comment : Love these fabric grow pots. Easy to use, and keep the soil moist but drained.

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From Davide Paladini | 2023-01-03 09:06:22

Can be washed in washing machine?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Hello, we recommend hand wash with cold water at 20º and with neutral soap.

From Michael Kelleher | 2022-12-30 09:19:53

What is the metal pin, inserted into the top seam of each fabric pot used for? Curiousity has the better of me. Thank you??

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Hi! They are for hanging the pots, in case you are planting in a balcony, or reduced space, it comes very handy!

From Vincenzo | 2022-08-20 14:46:25

Ciao, non ho capito come potrei utilizzare quell’anello metallico che esce fuori , a cosa serve?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Hi! They are for hanging the pots, in case you are planting in a balcony, or reduced space, it comes very handy!

From Carlo Giannini | 2020-08-05 23:33:06

How am i supposed to wash it after each use?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

It is recommended to wash it with water after each grow.

From Michael trainor | 2019-11-04 09:18:57

Hey what are the dimensions of these pots? Thanks

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Hi there, Please note that the dimensions of the pot are: H x 23cm W x 22cm D x 22cm

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