First, it is important to understand that it is the CBD component of cannabis that has produced the most striking test results in regards to cancer, although THC has also demonstrated the ability to kill cancer cells and inhibit the growth of new malignant cells. The higher potencies of CBD are found in CBD oils, which are concentrated to various potencies.

Recent test results have documented a dramatic protective influence of cannabis for the head and neck regions of the body. According to this new study, long-term smokers of cannabis who began smoking after the age of 20 were 62% less likely to develop cancers of the head and neck. This is because when one smokes, it is the head and neck regions that come into direct contact with the herb.


However, the process of smoking herb or anything else still exposes the smoker to the irritating and hot combusted plant material along with dangerous chemicals produced by butane lighters or sulfur-based matches, and paper if one has rolled the herb into a cigarette. This produces challenging conditions for the throat, lungs, and the organs of the body that must process and digest those dangerous chemicals that are indeed linked to causing cancer. So smoking weed can even cause cancer due the burning process.


We have found that using a vaporizer eliminates those risks while providing the best conditions for gleaning the healing properties of CBD and THC from cannabis. Vaporized bud provides all of the benefits from the ingestion of cannabinoids entering your throat, head, and lungs without any of the toxins, and there are other advantages as well.

Since e-cigarettes are lit by battery, the resins and healing compounds of cannabis are cleanly released into the vapor without burning the plant material. This results in a clean hit of pure THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids that is by far more concentrated and intense. Furthermore, none of the cannabis is lost to thin air, so one's cache of herb should last longer.

When ingesting cannabis with a vaporizing e-cigarette, the flavor is finer and aroma is much lighter. The aroma also disperses much more quickly than smoked herb since burning the plant material contributes to the smell.

Our Veredict

When you analyze all of the factors; such as the health benefits of not ingesting hot combusted dangerous chemicals along with the amplified ingestion of the compounds that are the most desirable from cannabis, it makes perfect sense that using an vaporizer is the healthier and most efficient way to ingest cannabis other than oils and edibles. Another consideration is that oils and edibles take longer to realize the effects since they are digested and metabolized differently.

So, to quickly get the best and most from your cannabis herb, we recommend using the vaporizing method instead of traditional smoking. For more info please check out our Why Vaporizing is better then smoking.

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