By Luke Sholl


The art of astrology is a mysterious craft that many remain sceptical of. However, no matter who you are, the characteristics suggested by your star sign always seem to ring true in some way. Are they generic enough that anyone can relate, or is there a connection between the position of the sun when you’re born and your own behavioural traits?

Regardless of what you think of horoscopes or the accuracy of your zodiac sign, there is something strangely intriguing about the path of our lives being predefined. If anything, horoscopes may make you approach the day differently, or opt for a different mindset. Something else that can encourage a profound feeling of personal discovery is cannabis; and with a sprinkle of mysticism—and weed 101—we have put together ways marijuana can be used in partnership with your star sign. Here are the strains we recommend for each sign in the zodiac.


Characterised as the element of fire, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius share some common traits that make indica strains the perfect partner. Generally, fire signs are known to be overly enthusiastic, with a strong drive to express oneself. In the workplace, this can prove highly useful for career-minded individuals.

However, in social environments, while being yourself should be embraced, being slightly subdued can pay dividends. Use an indica strain to take the edge off your naturally outgoing (and sometimes feisty) personality, and take time to enjoy your surroundings without feeling the need to be the centre of attention.

Some exemplary indica strains include Northern Lights, Sweet ZZ, Pineapple Kush, and Blue Mystic. Each one features genetics that are at least 80% indica to capitalise on their calming effect.

Fire Signs


Moving on to the air elements, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are still seen as outgoing, but more creatively. Typically, those born under these star signs thrive on communication and conceptualising ideas through a vivid imagination. This often leads individuals into the creative arts, where their out-of-the-box thinking can be best utilised. The creative arts industry is not without its challenges though, as even at beginner levels, inspiration doesn’t always come so easily.

Sativa strains are revered for their ability to inspire creativity during even the worst mental block. Focussed almost exclusively on the mind, they can incite feelings of euphoria and help you to approach a situation, design brief, or mindless doodle from a new angle.

Some particularly inspiring sativa strains include Amnesia Haze, Shining Silver Haze, and Royal Moby. All three of these strains are cup winners in their own right, and come tried and tested by industry veterans.

Air Signs


If the previous two elements are seen as outgoing, then Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn signify a shift into a more reserved or cautious personality type. Aligned with the earth element, individuals are usually practical, with a mild sense of apprehension about the world. This doesn't stop them from taking part in activities, but it might make them question the news or information they are presented with. In some cases, all three star signs have a soft spot for material goods.

Given the juxtaposition between being practical yet sometimes cautious, the ideal strain will vary according to the situation. For that reason, hybrids make a fantastic choice as they offer attributes from both indica and sativa strains. On some occasions, you might want to relax your body after a hard day’s work, other times you might need to have your mind stimulated, ready for a shopping spree.

Perfect hybrid candidates include North Thunderfuck, Royal Gorilla, White Widow, and Special Queen 1. Each strain offers something slightly different, so experiment to find out which one suits your circumstances best.

Earth Signs


Finally, we come to the emotional and sensitive water signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are generally lovers, not fighters, and rely on the power of their intellect to solve problems. This can sometimes make them overthink situations, or be apprehensive about meeting new people. Usually, a sativa strain will help loosen the mental shackles that these star signs put people under.

However, given a water sign’s tendency to be emotionally charged, strains that feature too much THC can tip the scales too far, causing users to feel paranoid or anxious. Instead, we turn to the calming, non-psychotropic embrace of CBD. Cannabidiol-enriched strains still allow you to enjoy the experience of smoking cannabis as you usually would, but without having to endure intense side effects. Your mind stays clear while your worries fade away.

For these signs, some great CBD strains include Solomatic CBD and Royal Medic. And for the indecisive buyer, our CBD mix (which contains 3 to 5 different varieties) can satisfy every mood. You cannot go wrong with any of these strains when looking for a high-CBD, low-THC cannabis strain.

Water Signs


Although we have aligned star signs via their overarching element, each zodiac symbol has its own subtly unique characteristics. The best approach to determining what the stars think you should smoke is to define your personal characteristics and use this guide as a base. As you smoke each strain, write down what you liked, as well as any aspects you didn’t enjoy. Then, you can match your strain of choice to your horoscope.

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