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North Thunderfuck

Taking a prestigious place in our USA premium genetics category, North Thunderfuck is a powerhouse indica whose exact origins are shrouded in mystery. Regardless of where she came from, it is her unrelenting high that has captured the hearts and bodies of stoners worldwide. With every hit, her intense lemon flavour builds before holding you down and locking you in a euphoric daydream.
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North Thunderfuck: A High That Starts Slow But Hits Like A Train

The imposing structure of North Thunderfuck gives a mild indication of the sheer force her high can inflict. Resembling a small Christmas tree, she is the gift that can provide all year round. The original Alaskan Thunderfuck was rumoured to have been a cross between a North American sativa and a Russian ruderalis before an Afghani strain was also added. The delicate but sophisticated skills of RQS' expert breeders has given rise to our very own iteration. Despite the mystery surrounding her initial creation, there is no doubt about the unrelenting potency her modern genetics offer.

The high starts deceptively. Building in flavor and impact with each hit, up to 23% THC begins to creep through your body. Her citrus scent envelops the senses, encouraging you to indulge in joint after joint. As the phenomenon starts to build, even marijuana aficionados begin to feel a tingling sensation settle into their bodies. Before you know it, euphoria hits like a train, knocking you back into your seat and keeping you there for several hours. Waves of uplifting happiness continue to wash over you as her earthy, piney notes assert themselves more and more.

Don’t worry, with great power comes relatively simple growing requirements and high yields. Her diverse heritage gifts many highly desirable traits. A love of colder climates matches moderate resistance to disease. Conveniently, being tolerant of colder temperatures goes hand-in-hand with her preference for being grown outdoors. Indoor growers will still be met with the same resinous buds as their outdoor counterparts, but outdoors she is free to stretch. Flowering time is roughly 65 days, a drop in the ocean when you consider the dank haul that awaits. Outdoors, growers can expect to harvest mid-October.

  • Strain Type: Feminized
  • THC: 22%
  • CBD: Low
  • Yield Indoor : 450 - 500 gr/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 500 - 550 gr/plant
  • Height Indoor: 80 - 120 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 160 - 190 cm
  • Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
  • Harvest Month: Middle of October
  • Genetic Background: Matanuska Thunderfuck Bx3
  • Type: Sativa 50% Indica 50%
  • Effect: Euphoria
  • Climate: Mild
  • Flavor: Sweet, Spices

    By S. A. on 31/Mar/2020 :

    Title : RB
    Comment : All three seeds sprouted. Good growth

    By T. S. on 26/Mar/2020 :

    Title : very good!!!
    Comment : germin.a. all seeds strong and helthy.. fast ship

    By J. P. on 24/Mar/2020 :

    Title : Extra small seed never opened
    Comment : This one was for the wife, but she'll have to wait because RQS quality shines through again. Had to question if this was even a valid seed it was so small when I checked the packet. But after sitting in ph6 water moistened unbleached tissue it has failed to even split. Chalk this up to RQS usual standard. Dissatisfied.

    By T. S. on 19/Mar/2020 :

    Title : good start
    Comment : All seeds germinated well and bushes looking good. Not fully grown tho

    By C. B. on 17/Mar/2020 :

    Title : TMV
    Comment : TMV infected. slow growing..

    By N. D. on 09/Mar/2020 :

    Title : North thunderfuck
    Comment : Muy buena,germinacion rapida y planta perfecta

    By S. C. on 29/Jan/2020 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Very good !

    By Y. G. on 17/Jan/2020 :

    Title : We are the North
    Comment : Réception rapide, emballage discret, très satisfait. Les graines ont germées, plus qu'à patienter. Super site que je recommande, au top RQS!

    By C. P. on 16/Jan/2020 :

    Title : NTF
    Comment : Bisher sind alle 5 gekeimt. Gleichmäßig und bisher vital. Mehr Infos folgen

    By D. T. on 14/Jan/2020 :

    Title : looking good
    Comment : all 3 cracked and potted up, lets see what happens now... overall yet again R.Q.S. have not failed to deliver, now it up to me. will be buying again

    By B. L. on 27/Dec/2019 :

    Title : Very Nice
    Comment : I love this DNA so much

    By K. O. on 27/Dec/2019 :

    Title : North Thunderfuck
    Comment : growing is easy, germination took 3 days

    By M. E. on 23/Dec/2019 :

    Title : Every one Germinated
    Comment : Love the freebies.

    By H. P. on 23/Dec/2019 :

    Title : Thunderfuck
    Comment : Alles verschiedene Phenos, auch in der Größe. Wirkung aber gigantisch gut.

    By Z. Z. on 16/Dec/2019 :

    Title : Best strain
    Comment : xD

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