Straight outta Canada, Rick Simpson has become a legend in the cannabis world. He is the pioneer behind Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), which provides a solid dose of cannabinoids for those in need. Here's his story.


Back in the day, in 1997, Rick Simpson was covering asbestos at work using aerosol glue in a poorly ventilated room. He began feeling dizzy and collapsed from a ladder onto the floor. After a couple of hours being unconscious, he woke up and dragged himself to the emergency room.

After being discharged from the hospital, he returned to his workplace a couple days later. Rick began feeling very sick; he had a sharp ringing in his ears. He received medication for his condition, which according to Rick, just made things worse. This is when Rick decided to resort to cannabis.

He was absolutely amazed at how much this plant helped him with his condition. After that, cannabis became the center of his life and garden.

Rick began growing outdoor cannabis, which he turned into oil for consumption. His doctors even alluded that he should continue using the oil to his benefit, although they wouldn’t support it officially due to cannabis’ illegal status and stigma at the time.

Rick Simpson Oil Extraction

Not only did Rick feel much better, he realised that many others were probably suffering from various conditions that could be relieved by his cannabis oil. Rick was growing more than he could possibly consume, so he decided to start his own "free cannabis for medicinal purposes" donation, which provided individuals with free RSO. Rick was raided and sued for his cannabis endeavors, and had to move to Amsterdam for a couple of years.

Rick discovered in 2002 that he had skin cancer on his face. He rubbed some cannabis oil on a bandage to cover the growths, and legend has it, the growths disappeared after four days. He soon discovered that his oils had the potential to ameliorate symptoms of cancer. Please, however, take this with a grain of salt; given the serious nature of cancer, one should always take the advice of trusted physicians and peer-reviewed research over anecdotal accounts.

Rick Simpson Oil Alcohol Cannabis


So, what exactly is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) all about? The recipe for his oils is not necessarily a new discovery; W.B. O'Shaughnessy was already doing it in 1830s. However, due to Rick's marketing of himself and his oil, the recipe has been unofficially "patented" by him. So, here's an overview the recipe. It's important to note that making this oil is not advised in regions where its use is prohibited. This recipe should only be attempted by professionals under safe conditions.


First, one needs to obtain cannabis material: buds or entire plants. Make sure female plants are separated from males during the grow.

Once the cannabis plants are harvested (and preferably cured), they are mixed in a bowl with high-proof alcohol. This allows the resin and cannabinoids therein to detach from the buds. Once this stage has been completed, one needs to strain the mixture through a cheesecloth or coffee filter, so that a smooth mixture remains. This process of mixing the plant matter with alcohol and straining it is repeated to extract as many of the cannabinoids as possible.

Rick Simpson Oil Preparation Decarboxylation

Now it’s time to set up the rice cooker. It's important not to use anything that generates sparks or flames during the process, otherwise the alcohol can catch fire. Before heating the rice cooker, one needs to point a fan toward it. This is important because when alcohol evaporates, it doesn't rise over the heating unit, but drops. When the alcohol fumes touch the heating platform, the mixture can explode. Of course, one needs to make sure to perform this extraction outdoors, far away from anything that can catch fire.

Once everything is set up, the mix needs to be placed into the rice cooker, before turning it on. The temperature of the mixture should not rise above 120°C, otherwise, the cannabinoids will begin to evaporate and the oil will barely induce any effects. The point of the heating is to evaporate the alcohol and decarboxylate the cannabis, leaving only the desired cannabinoids behind.

After the extraction has taken place, one will be left with a black, thick, and bitter-tasting oil, which is extremely potent. This is the famed RSO, Rick Simpson Oil. It can be stored in large syringes to ensure proper dosage. This is necessary because the oil is quite powerful. So there you have it, RSO at its finest. While we can’t advise exactly which conditions RSO can effectively treat, many anecdotal accounts suggest a wide range of potential applications.


Rick Simpson has become an icon for the legalization and innovation of cannabis. He simply won’t stop until cannabis is legal across our planet. RSO is a potent extract that can be easily used and adapted to your specific needs and lifestyle.


RQS CBD Oil is available in 10ml, 30 and 50ml bottles in 3 different concentration strenghts: 2.5%, 5% and 10%.

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