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Max Sargent

I write about: Hallucinogens, cannabis research, mind

Max Sargent specialises in mind and cognition, looking at the way psychoactive substances affect how we experience the world.

“It's a very salutary thing to realize that the rather dull universe in which most of us spend most of our time is not the only universe there is. I think it's healthy that people should have this experience”. Aldous Huxley

Max has been writing for over a decade, and has come into cannabis and psychedelic journalism in the last few years. Writing for companies such as Zamnesia, Royal Queen Seeds, CannaConnection, Gorilla SeedBank, MushMagic, and more, he has broad experience in multiple facets of the industry. Max has a particular interest in hallucinogens and what they can tell us about the mind and its place in the wider universe. At university, he studied a BA (Hons) Politics and Philosophy degree, specialising in philosophy of mind and metaphysics—this allowed him to delve further into this world and to learn formal, logical arguments and develop research skills.

As a consequence, Max seeks to present arguments that are clear, compelling, and grounded in evidence, rather than assertion. Though he believes that drugs are, on the whole, a force for good, he also takes seriously the need to treat them with respect and to exercise caution.

Besides writing about psychoactive drugs, Max also writes fiction, poetry, and makes music. Consequently, not only does the subject matter appeal to him, but also the way it is written and presented. Whatever the subject matter or style—be it fiction, cannabis, or politics—Max believes that readers deserve to be met with well-thought-out, compassionate work that ultimately seeks to expand the knowledge of all.

Max’s key areas of expertise are:

  • Psychedelics
  • Cannabis science
  • Cannabis research
  • Writing

Max’s latest posts

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