The Pax Mini offers a streamlined vaping experience. With a set temperature range and a rapid heat-up time, it’ll take you from sober to stoned in an instant. Find out everything you need to know about this vaporizer below.

What’s In The Box?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s cover the very basics. Imagine, if you will, that this vape has just dropped through your letterbox. When you open up a Pax Mini after it arrives, you won’t just find a vape nestled away in the box. You’ll also find the following pieces of kit:

  • Flat mouthpiece
  • Raised mouthpiece
  • Oven lid
  • Maintenance kit
  • Charging cable

There you have it! In true Pax Mini fashion, even the box and its contents are minimal yet highly functional. This vape is also compatible with a host of different accessories that aren’t included in the box (more on those down below). Now that you know what to expect during the unboxing process, let’s take a much deeper look into this popular vaporizer.


Pax Mini Temperature Settings and Heat Up Time

This might come as a surprise to you, and will certainly raise eyebrows among vaporizer veterans, but the Pax Mini doesn’t feature any temperature controls. You heard us correctly—zilch. And the reason? Because the entire design of this vaporizer revolves around minimalism. Instead of the user programming the vape with buttons, the device operates at a fixed temperature range of 193–215°C.

This lack of control over temperature might appear off-putting to some users, while attractive to others. While it eliminates the ability to target the very specific boiling points of some phytochemicals, it still hits a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes. Further still, it doesn’t crank high enough to start combusting flower material and releasing harsh vapor and smoke. While much too basic for some, this modus operandi appeals to users who desire a quick hit without any tinkering or fuss along the way.

This dry herb vaporizer doesn’t just simplify the vaping experience, but it also speeds it up. You’ll only have to wait 22 seconds from firing up the device to taking a hit. This makes the Pax Mini a worthy companion during short and sweet sessions during commutes or quick breaks.

The Pax Mini features a small and shallow oven that also makes this device a good fit for quick and efficient vaping sessions. An oven capacity of 0.25g and a conduction heating system underpin such a quick heat-up time.

Dimensions and Portability of the Pax Mini

Along with its minimal design, the Pax Mini boasts a sleek aesthetic and highly portable dimensions. Weighing in at only 89g, you can slide this vape into your pocket and quickly forget you even have it on you. It’ll slot easily into any travel pack or pouch without making much of a difference at all to its carrying weight. With a length of 9.3cm, a width of 3.1cm, and a depth of 2.2cm, The Pax Mini truly lives up to its name. It’ll fit in the smallest of pockets and users can easily conceal the entire device with a single hand when out and about.


Pax Mini: Colour and Aesthetics

No bumps, no bulges, no clunky buttons; the Pax Mini is as sleek as vaporizers get. This device looks exceptionally futuristic and features nothing but four small LEDs arranged into the shape of the Pax “X” logo on the front. The smoothed corners add to the modern aesthetic, while the flat top and bottom give the device some stability and allow users to place it vertically on a flat surface while loading processed flower into the oven. The colour choices of onyx and silver suit the sleek design perfectly.

Battery Life and Charge Time

Vaporizers usually sacrifice battery life for portability. While the Pax Mini vaporizer only has a small 3000 mAh built-in battery, this piece of kit puts in some serious work before it requires any more juice. Charge your Pax Mini battery to maximum, which takes around 2.5 hours, and you'll enjoy over 2 hours of use time. Considering the vape’s size, this is an impressive amount of battery life. Combine this with the portability of the Pax Mini, and you have a highly reliable travelling companion for treks, festivals, and road trips.

Pax Mini Accessories

The Pax Mini comes with several handy accessories. Users can also purchase several pieces of gear that don’t come with the vape, but that make it even more pleasant to use. Check out the Pax Mini accessories below:

  • Mouthpieces: The Pax Mini comes with two different mouthpieces; one flat and one raised. Both change the aesthetic and also feel different during use. Try both to see which you prefer.
  • Oven lid: The oven lid, which comes with the device, stays locked in place with the help of magnets. However, it’s easy to push out of the way, making loading swift and effortless.
  • Wire brush: The wire brush that you’ll find in the box comes in handy when it comes to keeping your device clean between vaping sessions.
  • Charging tray: This device doesn’t come with the Pax Mini. Available in a range of colours and compatible with numerous Pax vapes, it makes charging the device easy and stylish.
  • Grip sleeve: This additional accessory will help you keep a tight grip around your vape and really comes in handy during both hot and cold weather.

PAX Mini Vaporizer
56_1 Heat Conduction
57_2 Size 3,1 x 2,2 x 9,3 cm
58_3 Weight 89 gr
59_4 Temperature 190 - 215°C / 374 - 420°F
60_5 Heat Up Time 22 sec
61_6 Chamber Size 0,25 gr
62_7 Control type Digital & manual
63_8 Used With Dry Herbs

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How To Use The Pax Mini Vape

As you can guess from what you’ve read so far, using the Pax Mini really isn’t difficult! Check out exactly how to use this nifty little device below:

  1. Prepare your flower: Start off by grinding down your favourite strain into a coarse powder.
  2. Pack the oven: Load your bud into the oven. Pack it down gently without making the mass too compact.
  3. Turn on the Pax Mini: Simply press and release the mouthpiece to fire up the Pax Mini. You’ll notice the X LED lights turn purple and begin flashing.
  4. Watch for the green light: Within 22 seconds, you’ll watch the X turn green. You know what that means!
  5. Inhale gently: The Pax Mini is a sipper, not a ripper. Take slow and gentle hits to get the most out of your experience.

How the Pax Mini Compares

There are thousands of vaporizers available, and even Pax has an entire line of devices available! So, why should you opt for the Pax Mini over all others? To help you decide if it’s the right vape for you, discover how it compares with a couple of other Pax products below.

Pax Mini vs Pax 3

The Pax 3 differs from the Pax Mini in several key ways. Firstly, it’s dual use, meaning it can handle both dry flower and concentrates. The Pax 3 shares a 22-second heat-up time with the Pax Mini, but also offers users a range of pre-set temperature settings. Aside from this, the Pax 3 shares a similar sleek and minimal design with the Pax Mini.

Pax Mini vs Pax Plus

Upon release, the Pax Plus replaced the Pax 3 as the company’s flagship device. It features a similar design to both the Pax 3 and Pax Mini but features four unique built-in modes: Stealth, efficiency, balance, and boost. Unlike the Mini, the Pax Plus can also handle both dry flower and concentrates. It also features a pop-out oven that makes it easier to clean than the Mini, and also has twice the capacity. Both devices offer an impressive two hours of battery life.

Pax Mini: A Comparative Overview

Overall, the Pax Mini stands out as a stylish, minimalistic, and ultra stealthy device. It’s a vape for cannabis users who aren’t too bothered about temperature ranges and customisation. Instead, Pax Mini users are more concerned about feeling the effects of their favourite strain as quickly and easily as possible. This device combines a futuristic and minimal design with great efficiency and portability. It’s much smaller than desktop vapes and many handheld models. However, it’s slightly more substantial and better looking than most vape pens. If you’re looking for something easy to use, reliable, and with a long battery life, why not give the Pax Mini a shot?

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