By Luke Sumpter

The emergence and rapid rise of cryptocurrencies has seen these digital units of currency gain large amounts of value and propose solutions to problems within the worlds of banking and finance. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin have exploded in value over recent years and offer users cheap and fast transactions, as well as relative anonymity and security. BitCanna is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for the cannabis market and works on a similar premise. The coin will allow users to bypass some of the strict regulations and financial barriers that restrict or even ban users from spending their money on cannabis-related products, and will vastly enhance current supply chains.


Nearly all banks and payment services currently restrict users from purchasing cannabis-based products, largely because they recognise the controversy around the herb and don’t want to damage their public image. However, such views are outdated and also breach the financial freedom of the users. Platforms such as PayPal have gone so far as to ban users from their services for purchasing terpenes.

Currently, making cannabis purchases online can be tricky business. It involves both finding a compatible payment platform and giving personal information and financial details over to a mediating middleman.

BitCanna Payments


BitCanna is posed to revolutionise the world cannabis market. The cryptocurrency and the blockchain that underpins it solve the problems mentioned above whilst optimising the entire transaction process. BitCanna features a digital ledger known as a blockchain, in which transactions are made and recorded both chronologically and publicly. BitCanna’s blockchain offers rapid transaction times, no associated fees, and search properties that assist users in finding products and outlets.

Most importantly, BitCanna is industry-specific and oriented around transactions within the cannabis world. This means no unfair regulations, restrictions, and banning for exercising your consumer right to purchase cannabis-related goods. BitCanna also heavily emphasises privacy and anonymity, two factors which are highly important to customers in terms of data protection.


Supply chain issues are rampant within the world of commerce, and are the result of separate supply chains within multiple industries trying to communicate and interface simultaneously. BitCanna offers a solution to this clunky issue by uniting leading European cannabis-based companies under the same supply chain, allowing for an instant and smooth exchange of information. This unity will result in improved transparency, security, scalability, and logistic operations.

These improvements in the supply chain also offer increased user-satisfaction and customer services. This new level of interconnectedness will allow users to view and track changes to their packages. All of these elements are updated in real time via the efficient and automated nature of blockchain smart contracts.


BitCanna has earned the interest and participation of some of the biggest names within the cannabis industry, testimony to the revolutionary nature of this technology. These names include European cannabis seed giants Royal Queen Seeds, Zamnesia, Zambeza Seeds, Sumo Seeds, and Amsterdam Genetics. This alliance also includes CBD oil masterminds Cibdol and numerous other heavyweights.

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