Weed and time have a funny relationship, but the truth is that smoking it won’t make you look like you’ve taken a trip to the fountain of youth. When you inhale smoke you’re speeding up the ageing process - burning weed and smoking it with or without tobacco has been shown to have some pretty negative impacts on the skin, making you look older. Not like ‘now-I-won’t-need-a-fake-ID’ older, more of the saggy and tired-looking kind of older you won’t be thankful for later in life. This is to do with the collagen (a protein that contributes to the springiness of you skin), and when plant matter is smoked, the body won’t produce it as well as it should.

However, when Drs. Bobby Buka and Ariel Ostad spoke to the Huffington Post, they suggested that using a vaporizer or cannabinoid-infused oils can bring out the best in weed when it comes to your skin. "The delivery system is really critical," Dr Buka told the Huffington Post, and one of the great benefits of weed consumed by non-combustion methods is its anti-inflammatory property - which is perfect for skin conditions like eczema or rashes, potentially soothing itches and flare-ups. Not only that, but the whole cannabis plant family is also really high in anti-oxidants which are believed to whizz around your body mopping up damaging "free radicals," which also contribute to ageing. If you smoke cannabis, the vast majority of these components are destroyed, being replaced with potentially harmful compounds.

marijuana good for skin

The duo of doobie-doctors were quick to point out, however, that super-high levels of THC in any form can boost your testosterone production, which in turn can boost secretion of sebum oils, which is bad news for acne suffers. Also, they had a really hot for those unwilling to trade the joint for a vaporizer – if you do smoke marijuana, put some moisturiser on your face first! Like a lot of marijuana research, it’s benefits are yet to be thoroughly investigated, and whilst it won’t take you back in time, you might stop yourself looking like a time-travelling you from the future.


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