It seems to be the case that potheads and cannabis connoisseurs from the US got pretty lucky, and can choose from a wide range of cannabis products. Especially where the medicinal use of cannabis was legalised, consumers have a good chance of finding a product that fits their individual needs. Most of these products are not only fun to consume. They oftentimes provide medicinal effects that can potentially be beneficial for its user.

It’s a little sad that us Europeans oftentimes rely on our own skills when making edibles and cannabis products, but this will hopefully change one day. For now, we can only dream, be a little jealous, and start to save some money to fly or drive to a place where the legal situation is more relaxed. Canada is also moving forward to legalise the medical and recreational use of cannabis, so there will be another very good option for us, to combine vacation and intensive product testing.


How great would it be to have your wake-n-bake ritual without having the necessity to smoke that early in the morning? This is probably what revolutionary employees of some product development department asked themselves. Luckily, they were given permission to develop a shampoo that is good for your hair, and has trace amounts of THC and CBD in it. Just imagine the commercials for a product like this.

cannabis shampoo


If you do sports and outdoor activities that can sometimes involve muscles being sore, hurting joints or smaller injuries, you could apply THC/CBD-infused lotions to the area. There are numerous health benefits when cannabinoids are being applied directly to the skin. It’s the largest organ of the body and people tend to forget about that. You won’t get very “high” when applying lotions like this to your skin, but it’s a natural way to get some relief to the desired areas, without taking other pharmaceuticals.

cannabis lotion


This product is maybe more suitable to our female readers who like to get a little buzz on while caring for their soft and beautiful lips at the same time. When lips get very sore, for example while going skiing or snowboarding in colder regions, a product like medicated lip balm would be great to have, for both sexes actually. The best thing: There is a sativa-based balm for daytime use and an indica-based balm to help you relax at night. Long live the medical marihuana industry!

cannabis lip balm


There is a company from New York that has developed cannabis-infused toothpaste and mouthwash. These products not only clean your teeth, scientists infused the cannabinoid CBG into the toothpaste, taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties of it. This compound is also known to be a bone stimulant and could potentially help with damaged teeth. Highly interesting!

cannabis toothpaste


There is a company from Seattle that developed toothpicks that can get you high by simply sucking and chewing on them for about 20 minutes. It’s probably more discreet than smoking a spliff in public, but your friends and co-workers will most likely ask you: “What’s up with your new toothpick thing?”

cannabis toothpick


Cannabinoids in lubricants doesn’t necessarily get you high like you are used to, but this product can be a nice way to integrate cannabinoids into your private life, meaning your bedroom. The female user can expect to feel a warm, relaxed sensation in the desired areas of her body. Why not try a lubricant that is based on a plant you admire anyway? Make love not war!

cannabis lubricant


Kombucha is created by using a kombucha culture to ferment brewed tea. There are people saying that this probiotic drink combats arthritis, prevents cancer and helps with digestion. It has been used for hundreds of years in countries like China, Russia, and Germany. Of course, there is a cannabis-infused version of it on the market named Kannabucha.



Who came up with the idea of making cannabis-infused honey? This guy should receive some kind of award for its achievements for mankind. Honey is a product that can potentially be used in so many different contexts and therefore will most likely be successful among the hundreds of different cannabis products that are already available.

cannabis honey


Sunflower seeds can be a healthy snack and are fun to eat without any THC in it. The great thing is, there are “medicated” sunflower seeds that are infused with 100mg of THC per bag. It must be a great thing to have a bag of those while chilling at some place where smoking is not possible or appropriate.

sunflower seeds cannabis


It takes a genius to come up with the idea of chocolate covered blueberries with 5mg of THC in each one. There are about 22 of them, nicely packaged in a tin, ready to consume. Is there anything we can say when thinking about cannabis-infused chocolate covered blueberries? Maybe this: “Shut up and take my money!”

blueberry chocolate cannabis

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