By Luke Sumpter

With cannabis becoming increasingly accepted all over the world, smokers don’t have to worry as much about appearing stoned. As the taboo fades, the general public is a lot less fazed at red eyes and the smell of weed in the streets.

However, we still have a ways to go. Showing up to an event, lecture, or work baked can lead to some unpleasant consequences. Most experienced cannabis users have figured out a routine to conceal their psychotropic state. From chewing gum and deodorant to eye drops, there are many steps you can take to hide your high.

But, sometimes, things don’t go smoothly. A surprise visit from a relative, forgetting about a meeting in the next hour, or simply being new to smoking and unprepared, can all leave you exposed.

Discover the tips below and learn how to hide being high flawlessly—whether you have time to prepare or not.

No Matter Who You’re Around, Be Yourself

Most cannabis smokers have a set group of friends they smoke with. We become extremely familiar and comfortable with our crew. We don’t need to hide our red eyes, filter our personality, or become overly conscious about our actions.

This all changes when we’re out in public or in a working environment. It’s natural to try and act a certain way around people we don’t know as well. At work, we go into professional mode; in public, we generally try and keep to ourselves.

Being high can really amplify how we perceive our own behaviour. By trying to change our personality and the way we act, we can really start to get into our own heads, try too hard, and make it obvious. We force ourselves into a paranoid spiral, obsessing over how people are viewing us, instead of chilling out and enjoying the ride. Remember, you’ll be at home blazing with your friends by the end of it. There’s nothing to worry about.

If you’re high outside of your close friend group, just be yourself. Don’t get worked up over how you’re acting. Take deep breaths to keep your nervous system calm, and realize that—as long as you follow the steps below—people will find it very hard to realize you’re high if you just act naturally and remain at ease.

How To Not Act High: Don’t Get Too Relaxed

While it helps to remain relaxed and to be yourself, you need to stay within a reasonable limit. Getting too relaxed at work or in another professional environment simply doesn’t meet the tone of the situation. Avoid the following mistakes to hide the fact that you’re blazed.

Laughing Excessively
Laughing helps us feel connected and maintains good rapport. But belly laughing for minutes on end at slight jokes might just give the game away. Have fun, but remember you’re not hotboxing with your buddies.
Getting high can cause us to stumble and be a little bit clumsier than usual. Make sure to remain aware of your surroundings, and don't go bumping into a co-worker as you're daydreaming about getting home from work.
Forgetting Things
Try and stay sharp. It’s no secret that THC impacts short-term memory. Eat a full breakfast, stay hydrated, and consider taking supplements such as rosemary, ashwagandha, and lion’s mane to keep your cognition under control.
Couch-Lock and Zoning Out
When those deep philosophical thoughts take hold, it often leads the mind down a rabbit hole. In your head, you’re traversing the origin of the universe and questioning why we exist at all. From an outside view, you’re staring into space, jaw wide open, looking high as a kite.

Try and stay focused on the task at hand. Set small goals and tick them off as you go to avoid getting sucked into deep thought and zoning out.

Prepare Well Before You Toke

Do things in this order: prepare everything, and then get high. Gather everything you need to conceal your high before you start toking. Having all of your tools ready in front of you will make blazing much more relaxing. Plus, you’ll minimise the chances of forgetting something.

There are two main factors that will give away the fact that you’re high. The first, and most obvious, is the intense skunky smell. After hitting a bowl or smoking a joint, you’ll need to do everything you can to remove the odour.

Red eyes are the next obvious sign. Thankfully, there are a couple of effective methods to remove the beaming glaze.

How To Deal With the Smell

Cannabis smoke clings to skin and clothing, and can make you smell like the inside of your bong for hours to come. Use the methods below to minimise the scent.

  • Change Your Clothes

Put on a new pair of clothes after you smoke. Relax on your couch in your pyjamas or a random t-shirt, and only change into your work or event clothes afterwards. You’ll want to keep your fresh change of attire in another room, too, so it doesn’t end up covered in smoke.

How To Deal With the Smell
  • Shower

If you have time, it’ll help to jump in the shower before putting on your clean clothes. The smell of terpenes will cling to your face, hands, and arms. Scrub yourself down to remove any last trace of weed.

  • Freshen Your Breath

Brush your teeth and chew some gum before getting close to people in conversation. The terpenes on your breath can easily help people guess what you smoked this morning.

How To Deal With the Smell
  • Use Deodorant or Cologne

Once showered and changed, finish the job with a cloud of scented spray. Apply deodorant to your body, and a few squirts of potent cologne to mask any remaining smell from your favorite cannabis strain. But don’t go overboard; that’s just as suspicious.

  • Use a Sploof

Of course, you can’t shower and change when popping out to blaze on your lunch break. But, you can take some steps to reduce how dank you smell when you return to your desk. If you have time to pop home, use a sploof. This cheap DIY device will help to trap terpenes and prevent you from stinking up your clothes.

How To Deal With the Smell
  • Vaporize

Vaping smells a lot less than smoking. Lower temperatures mean only cannabinoids and terpenes are inhaled. You might still smell faintly of terpenes, but you won’t leave an obvious trail of that smoky smell when you walk.

Reduce Red Eyes

Beaming red eyes are a dead giveaway. Use the tips below to turn your stoned peepers into the eyes of a sober person.

  • Sunglasses

Whether you’re on public transport or getting coffee with a colleague, sunglasses will completely conceal that high look in your eyes. Of course, the overuse of sunglasses (especially indoors) might raise some suspicion.

Reduce Red Eyes
  • Eye Drops

Specially designed eye drops help to tackle red eyes. Before heading to an indoor meeting, apply some drops to hydrate your eyes and remove that red glaze. Eye drops act fast, which makes them a great way to hide your high if a surprise visitor shows up at your door.

Stash Your Weed Wisely

You’ve made a lot of effort to smell fresh; it would be embarrassing if your stash ends up giving you away. At home, keep your buds in mason jars, air-tight Tupperware, or sealed bags. At work or while travelling, use smell-proof bags and bury them deep in your backpack or briefcase.

At home, hiding the smell helps, but you should also remove the possibility of somebody finding your stash. Consider the best place in your home to hide weed. Stashing it inside an old computer or hollowed-out book will prevent anyone from stumbling upon your buds.

Fuel Your Body Properly

You’re a lot less likely to act high when your mind and body are operating properly. Eat a nutritious breakfast loaded with protein and micronutrients before kicking off the day. A bowl of oats, a few eggs, and a cup of blueberries will get your brain and body in gear.

You’ll likely feel the munchies set in at some point, another factor that could expose your stoned state. If you need a snack, avoid scoffing down a pile of junk food in the blink of an eye. Eat a normal quantity when around others, and pace yourself.

You should also stay hydrated to keep your neurons ticking and dry mouth at bay. Aim to drink eight glasses of water throughout the day.

How To Not Look High: Relax, Breathe, and Enjoy the Ride

Even if you planned out your day expecting to be high, trying to hide it can be a stressful experience. Take things one step at a time. Drink water, breathe deeply, and remember the situation will end soon enough. Plus, most people won’t even notice! Things are almost always worse in your head than they are in reality.

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