Before we commence this hotbox adventure, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a potentially dangerous activity when not performed correctly. Oxygen deprivation is not a joke. Even though sweet ganja smoke can feel great, too much smoke and CO₂ in the air can result in negative side effects. That being said, let’s talk about hotboxing.


Hotboxing is Cheech N’ Chong's favourite activity, which involves smoking weed in an enclosed space so the smoke fills the interior area. This can be done in any enclosed space, like a car, bathroom, shed, garage—basically any space that’s relatively small in size. Hotboxing is rarely executed by one person. There’s usually a smoke circle going involving several people, because a true hotbox session requires a significant amount of smoke. The result? Everyone gets nice and high.


Alright, so there are a couple factors to consider before planning a hotbox session. The first is location, location, location. There’s a hotbox equation which determines the optimal area of the interior space with the number of people involved. You need to take into consideration how many people are smoking, how much they smoke in general, and whether the location will provide that optimal smoke vs air ratio.

Simultaneously, it’s important to consider that the space in which the hotboxing will occur will reek of ganja; it’s not something that can be easily erased with any odour neutraliser. It’s best not to hotbox near absorptive materials like a couch or mats—therefore, hotboxing the bathroom is often a preferred choice because of the limited amount of objects that can absorb smoke.

Now that the hotbox equations have been solved, let's look into what should be included in your hotboxing session. First, a positive and optimistic attitude of the participants is a must. When everyone is cool, it’s gonna be a cool experience. Some outlandish laser and light effects are super entertaining in a hotboxing session. The smoke will highlight the trippy atmosphere, looking amazing whilst under marijuana intoxication. Bring some healthy and delicious snacks and music of your choosing—something calm and smooth will do the trick.


Make sure to stay safe and plan your hotbox adventure accordingly. The best place to do a hotbox is in an igloo, if you’re living in northern climates of course. The cool air makes the experience feel fresh, you’re in the outdoors, and you don’t have to worry about various materials absorbing smoke except for your clothes (unless you hotbox naked, we don't judge).



A Jamaican Hotbox, sometimes referred to as a Hawaiian Hotbox, turns things up a notch by literally turning up the humidity. Turn on a hot shower and use it to steam up your bathroom before lighting up. With enough humidity in the room the high can take on a more spacey, and foggy feel. It’s also a great way to have some fun while enjoying cannabis with friends. Just make sure to use an odour neutraliser afterward because most bathroom fans won’t be able to effectively filter neither the smell of cannabis nor the smell of smoke.


If you don’t mind getting creative, there are probably more places than you think that can be used for hotboxing. A closet can be just as good as a bathroom for hotboxing, as long as airflow is restricted. Or why not take it outside into a backyard shed or a tent? And perhaps best of all, how about hotboxing in your car? Just make sure it’s safely parked and don’t try to drive it afterward!

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