• Indoor Grow Kit
  • Easy Start
  • RQS Geotextile Fabric Pot
  • Cookies Gelato
  • LST Plant Training Clips
  • ScrOG Netting
  • Cannabis Odour Neutraliser

Indoor Grow Kit

Planning an indoor grow? Whether it's your first or fiftieth venture, our Indoor Grow Kit has everything you need for a spectacular indoor harvest, including seeds, seed starter pods, pots, training tools, and more. Get yours today!
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RQS Indoor Grow Kit: Everything You Need for a Top-Shelf Indoor Harvest

Growing cannabis indoors allows you to create the perfect environment for your plants, regardless of your local climate. It also minimises pest problems and the risk of your crop being spotted by nosey neighbours. However, growing weed indoors also has its challenges, such as managing the smell of your plants and knowing how to maximise their growth in the confines of a tent or room. Luckily, our Indoor Cannabis Grow kit takes the hassle out of growing weed inside. Loaded with seeds and all the equipment you could ever need to grow healthy indoor plants, order your kit today and prepare for a hassle-free indoor grow and an excellent harvest.

Each pack contains:

Easy Start

Germination and the seedling phase are vital stages of the cannabis growing cycle. However, the delicate nature of seedlings can make it challenging for growers to give their plants a proper start to life. Luckily, our Easy Start germination kit makes growing healthy seedlings super simple. It includes 20 seedling pots filled with a well-aerated medium plus a pack of Bacto microorganisms that help to promote root growth and protect your seedlings against bacterial and fungal pathogens.

11l Geotextile Fabric Pots

Space is a big concern when growing weed indoors, and the size of your plants is directly related to the size of your pots. Neither too small nor too large, our 11l fabric pots provide enough space for your plants to develop healthy root systems without growing to uncontrollable heights. Thanks to their special design, RQS Geotextile Fabric Pots also maximise airflow to your plants' roots and promote air-pruning, preventing your plants from becoming root-bound and maximising their ability to take up water and nutrients from their medium.

ScrOG Netting

ScrOG (screen of green) is a tried and true growing method that helps indoor growers in two major ways. First, training plants to grow around a screen helps to control their height and allows you to optimise the limited space available to you by teaching your plants to grow out rather than just up. Moreover, when combined with LST and topping, ScrOG allows you to grow plants with multiple colas and maximise light penetration to their most important bud sites, resulting in heavy yields of big, dense flowers. In this pack, you'll get a 120 × 120cm ScrOG net that can be cut down to suit the size of your tent/room.

LST Plant Training Clips

Low-stress training is a must for indoor growers looking to manage the height of their plants and optimally use their grow space. Moreover, when combined with ScrOG and topping, LST lets you create a wide, thick canopy of heavy colas. This translates to heavier yields of bigger buds with massive bag appeal. Included in this kit is a bag of 25 LST plant training clips that make it easy to bend your plants and secure them in place.

Odour Neutraliser

Rounding out our Indoor Cannabis Grow Kit is our mighty Odour Neutraliser. While weed smells great to those who love smoking it, the stank of your indoor garden might not prove so appealing to your neighbours or roommates. Luckily, our Odour Neutraliser makes managing the smell of your weed plants super simple. Just pop the lid off your neutraliser and place it outside your grow room. As the scented wax evaporates into the air, it will mask the smell of even the dankest strains. For the best results, we recommend placing your Odour Neutraliser close to your outtake fans. Never place it directly in your grow room as it may alter the aroma and flavour of your weed.

3x Cookies Gelato

Bred from GSC and Gelato #33, our Cookies Gelato is the quintessential indoor strain. She grows to moderate heights of 90–130cm yet is capable of producing respectable yields of up to 600g/m² in just 8–9 weeks.

Excited to get growing? Order your Indoor Grow Kit today and streamline your next indoor grow with this comprehensive collection of seeds and grow equipment tailored to your indoor garden.

RQS Indoor Grow Kit — An Overview

• 3x Indoor Cannabis Seeds
• 1x Easy Start Kit
• 3x 11l RQS Geotextile Fabric Pots
• 1x ScrOG Netting
• 1x Bag of LST Plant Training Clips (25 pcs.)
• 1x Odour Neutraliser

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