• Bio Flowering Booster
  • Bio Flowering Booster

Bio Flowering Booster

Are your flowers looking a little worse for wear when harvest time swings around? Do you expect massive blooms but often end up with small, flavourless nuggets? The RQS Bio Flowering Booster Pack will fix all of these troubles, and then some! Harness the vitamins, macronutrients, and trace elements within this trio of formulas for bigger, tastier, and stickier flowers.
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Bio Flowering Booster: For Bigger, Tastier, More Resinous Buds

The Bio Flowering Booster Pack will take your buds to the next level. Brace yourself for more resin, bigger yields, and superior flavour. This entirely vegan product contains three stimulant products in liquid form (3 × 75ml).

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Thicker Flowers

Thicker Flowers

Cannabis plants develop a different appetite during the flowering stage, and Thicker Flowers caters to these hunger pangs perfectly. This 100% vegan source of phosphorus and potassium drives flowering and cannabinoid production; phosphorus enhances root system health and flower formation; potassium provides disease resistance and boosts flower size.

Start applying Thicker Flowers by the second week of flowering. Administer it with water every day, beginning with 0.4ml per litre and increase it to 0.6ml per litre by week 3. When you reach the mid-stages of flowering, increase it to 0.8ml during week 4, and then 1ml per litre during weeks 5 and 6. By the end of the flowering stage, give your plants 1.2ml per litre during week 7, and finally decrease it to under 1ml by week 8.

Be mindful if you are already employing both Bat Guano and Easy Bloom—using all three may lead to toxicity issues.

Bigger Flowers

Bigger Flowers

Bigger Flowers contains an array of enzymes, vitamins, and growth stimulants that are vital to optimal bud formation. The addition of fulvic and humic acid provides trace elements that drive flower production and significantly improve yields.

This formula is compatible with all other RQS products. Apply it throughout the entire growing cycle. During the vegetative phase, use 0.5ml per litre every day, or 1ml every other day up until the second week of flowering. Going forward, apply 0.8ml during the third week of bloom, and 1ml for the rest of the flowering stage until flushing.

Sweeter Flowers

Sweeter Flowers

Sweeter Flowers harnesses a blend of amino acids and potassium to create a surge in terpene biosynthesis. Put simply, it results in superior tastes and smells!

Compatible with all RQS fertiliser products, apply only during the last four weeks of flowering prior to flushing. Apply 0.4ml per litre during week 5 of flowering when watering, 0.7ml during week 6, 0.8ml during week 7, and 1ml during week 8.

Store all three stimulants in a cool and dark place, with a temperature above 10°C. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Shake before use.

RQS Nutrients: The Best
Fertilisers for Cannabis

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Bat Guano
Easy Boost Organic Nutrition
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Easy Plus Micronutrients
Thicker Flowers
Bigger Flowers
Sweeter Flowers
Incompatible (unless used in separate phases of growth) High in phosphorous (check Special considerations for each product)

    By B. S. on 28/Aug/2023 :

    Title : ❤️❤️
    Comment : Loved It!!! Since I started using this product my plants have gained another vigour, growth and flavour, I recommend 100%❤️

    By D. M. on 11/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Question? if someone can explain it to me
    Comment : if I use all three products daily, what is the watering method, the plant is 6 weeks old

    By D. B. on 03/Jul/2023 :

    Title : recomend
    Comment : Really good staff. used on my second kush1, harvesting was double bigger, plus flavor and thickness.

    By R. P. on 23/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Chillbill
    Comment : Top Produkt, klar weiter zu empfehlen 😀

    By C. S. on 11/Apr/2023 :

    Title : MME stahl
    Comment : super produit, rien à dire, mais on utilise bcp + de bigger que de sweeter et de flower, il faudrait qu'on puisse nacheter chaque flacon au detail, je dois recommander un kit complet juste pour le bigger, qu'il me reste 2 flacons neufs de flower et swetter

    By A. A. on 16/Mar/2023 :

    Title : good quality
    Comment : very good for flowers

    By F. D. on 22/Feb/2023 :

    Title : F.D
    Comment : Super Zeug, hat meinen Lieblingen sehr geholfen.

    By M. W. on 13/Feb/2023 :

    Title : Max
    Comment : This is a first for me and so far I am impressed, I am growing some plants for the second time from seed, and I am in the 8th week of flower, and the buds are definitely bigger and firmer than the last grow, you can see it and feel it if I give them a little squeeze. I would go as far as to say that they are some of the biggest and firmest buds | have had, or at the very least for quite sometime. Cant talk about the taste and flavour as yet, but I am pretty happy so far and I am hopeful that I will be impressed with the finished product.

    By P. H. on 06/Feb/2023 :

    Title : great
    Comment : ❤️🧨🧨

    By E. M. on 28/Dec/2022 :

    Title : enomalsi
    Comment : alles in 1 makkelijk te voor gebruik

    By C. S. on 30/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Fantastico
    Comment : Essenziale in fase di fioritura consiglio vivamente a tutti

    By B. B. on 17/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Good product
    Comment : Going for my 2nd run with this pack, so far went with little dosages on my autoflowers but looking good, will increase on next runs and compare.thks

    By M. S. on 18/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Works wonderfully!
    Comment : Blooming has improved so much with this product. I recommend it

    By T. O. on 05/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Sehr gut
    Comment : Easy zu verwendet und guter Ertrag, Geschmack und Größe.

    By A. S. on 29/Aug/2022 :

    Title : TOP
    Comment : Ottimo prodotto per la fioritura..

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