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Bat Guano

Organic nutrients don't just feed cannabis plants, they feed synergistic microbes in the soil that fuel healthy plant growth. Bat Guano delivers a highly nutritious ratio of NPK, alongside micronutrients and enzymes, into the growing medium. Use this substance indoors and outdoors at the start of the growing cycle to give your plants a boost, and later down the line to fuel flowering.
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Bat Guano: Loaded With Crucial Cannabis Nutrients

Royal Queen Seeds Bat Guano serves up high quantities of enzymes, NPK, and micronutrients essential to cannabis plant growth and hefty yields. As a completely natural and organic substance, bat guano first feeds the microbes in the soil.

The nutrient concentrations within this natural product vary slightly, but each 500g packet guarantees a minimum NPK ratio of 1:10:1. Combined, these key macronutrients assist the cannabis plant by increasing growth rate, enhancing flower production, boosting foliage quality, and driving photosynthesis.

The micronutrients within bat guano also help to build proteins, create chlorophyll, and enhance disease resistance.

Bat guano offers a potent source of nutrients both indoors and outdoors, and gives off no unpleasant odours. Growers can keep their packet for years without worrying about an expiration date, considering they store it in a dry and dark location.

How To Use Bat Guano

Outdoors, apply ½kg of Bat Guano to every 2–5m² of growing medium. During the flowering phase, scatter more guano and rake it into the soil.

When growing indoors within containers, mix 100g of Bat Guano into 15 litres of potting soil before sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings. Later on, scatter more bat guano onto the pots as needed and water thoroughly.

Bat Guano - 500 grams

    By S. O. on 08/May/2022 :

    Title : Outstanding!
    Comment : No more expensive kits, impossible feeding schedules and run the risk of getting it all wrong. Just add this product to your soil mix, water and forget! I sometimes add a small bit of PK juice in the final two weeks but it's not necessary, this one mix gives you fat buds all by itself.

    By M. K. on 05/Apr/2022 :

    Title : Kojak-M
    Comment : Ich bin hellauf begeistert, direkt nachbestellt 😎💯👌

    By N. W. on 02/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Navy
    Comment : Ich hätte nicht gedacht, WIE gut dieses Produkt wirkt. NPK Ausgleich vom feinsten. Gerade in meiner Altbauwohnung ist das Wasser zu Kalkhaltig, hier der entsprechende Ausgleich mit dem Produkt für mich persönlich! Und auch hier reicht die Menge in dem Päkchen vollkommen aus für viele "Grows".

    By N. B. on 06/Feb/2022 :

    Title : good product
    Comment : Det bästa e att den inte luktar något

    By A. H. on 27/Dec/2021 :

    Title : Konieczny i absolutnie potrzebny
    Comment : Świetnej jakości bat guano dobrze się na nim pracuje i zaopatruje roślinę w to czego potrzebuje z minimalna bądź niekiedy żadną dodatkowa "suplementacja " naszych dziewczyn . Polecam

    By M. R. on 23/Dec/2021 :

    Title : Best Nutrient
    Comment : My plants got better using the guano

    By R. N. on 26/Oct/2021 :

    Title : Good product to start a pot
    Comment : Very good material to start a good long life plant.

    By A. F. on 20/Oct/2021 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Veramente buono anche per le prime fasi di crescita.

    By A. T. on 12/Oct/2021 :

    Title : Hallo an alle Grower
    Comment : Für Biologischen Anbau sehr zu empfehlen.

    By H. V. on 10/Oct/2021 :

    Title : TOP
    Comment : Muyito bom

    By M. V. on 05/Oct/2021 :

    Title : Micha
    Comment : Macht wirklich eine Menge aus wenn man Bat Guano verwendet, vor allem der Geschmack und die Menge an Blüten. Gut zu wissen! Micha

    By R. G. on 01/Oct/2021 :

    Title : We tried!
    Comment : We followed the instructions, we mixed it with our soil; I guess it worked! Probably I'd buy it again.

    By B. O. on 19/Sep/2021 :

    Title : Staffe
    Comment : Très bien pour la culture en intérieur les plants poussent vraiment bien

    By D. C. on 19/Sep/2021 :

    Title : Orgánico.
    Comment : Cómodo e imprescindible para cultivos orgánicos.

    By T. O. on 18/Aug/2021 :

    Title : Need this =)
    Comment : A must have in a organic culture, 5*

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