By Miguel Ordoñez

Music, in itself, is a powerful medium for elevating the senses. It can easily take you to places you desire to be—in the past, present, or future. At the same time, it has always been a welcome companion during those moments of herb-induced consciousness.

We have our respective playlists to accompany us during those long-haul flights through the cosmos, and if you pick the right tune, you could be in for a surreal and memorable experience.

Here at Royal Queen Seeds, we have a deep appreciation for good music and good herb, so it only makes sense to consider them together. Below, we share our favourite Spotify smoking playlists, along with the best strain for each one! So sit back, have a blaze, and learn how music enhances the smoking experience. Then, check out our playlists for every mood!

How Cannabis Fuels Henry Saiz’s Electronic Music

Henry Saiz is a Spanish electronic DJ and producer who credits cannabis for influencing his sound. He recognises how each strain plays a role in creating a unique listening experience.

In his own words:

“Cannabis is a great sensory enhancer, and both listening to music and writing it under the influence is a wonderful thing for me”.

But what exactly does a man like Henry Saiz listen to when he’s in an altered state of mind? He shared with us his personal Spotify smoking playlists. As a bonus, we’ll offer you a strain suggestion to supplement each auditory trip!

Henry Saiz’s Smoking Playlists

Without further ado, here are Henry Saiz’s personal Spotify smoking playlists. Through these tunes, we’re taken inside the mind of an eclectic audiophile and get to see what drives his creativity and passion.

Each electronic playlist is set for a specific state of mind (and thus specific strains), which you can, and should, very much experience for yourself.

  • Enhance Creativity / Push Your Mind

This playlist’s name alone should provide you with the perfect introduction. These 19 songs will be the ideal companion to keep you engaged in your creative endeavour.

Each tune brings a different sensation than the other. One minute, you’re bobbing your head to the steady beats of Borealis, then you’ll find yourself entranced by the ever-talented Childish Gambino shortly after. Saiz describes this 420 playlist as an ideal creativity enhancer for activities like painting, designing, and editing.

The perfect strain partner for this playlist would be our Royal Jack Automatic. Inspired by the legendary Jack Herer, you’ll feel creative and energised after the first hit. And as you go deep into the playlist, expect a pleasant, relaxing sensation to envelop your entire being.

Enhance Creativity / Push Your Mind
  • Happiness / Mood Booster

Saiz encapsulated this playlist with the perfect one-liner: "To elevate the mood, but with elegance".

If you’re looking for the perfect mood-boosting smoking playlist, this one should greatly satisfy you. It starts off with the funky, electronic sound of Chrome Sparks to help set the tone. As you go further down, you’ll find yourself in a better disposition once you hear the likes of Tame Impala, Chet Faker, and the legendary Daft Punk.

So what do we suggest as a partner strain for this playlist? Our very own Triple G, aka Gorilla Glue Gelato. It's 85% indica and boasts 26% THC, so prepare yourself for a deep psychotropic adventure. If you’re planning to be an introvert for the night, this one will set you up for a contemplative yet creative time.

Happiness / Mood Booster
  • Immersive / Contemplative / Falling Deep Into Thought

We could all use a little introspection every once in a while. It’s a healthy reminder to keep ourselves in check and see where we’re at in our lives.

Saiz prepares us for those immersive moments with this playlist. Most of these songs are slow and steady, but they’re perfect for falling deep into thought, as this aptly named playlist suggests. Sit back and enjoy yourself with the music of David August, Chromatics, and Mike Oldfield playing in the background.

As you do so, feel free to spark up some Euphoria. It will send you down a deep hole of relaxation without letting you doze off. This one’s perfect after a long, exhausting day when you just want to disconnect from reality for a while.

Immersive / Contemplative / Falling Deep Into Thought
  • Euphoria / Energy Boost

Everyone has their fair share of lethargic days—those days when you don’t feel like doing anything other than curling up in bed and not moving at all. Thankfully, we have Henry Saiz’s Euphoria playlist. As he puts it: “To give you energy, activate yourself”. This playlist will get you on your feet and dancing as you indulge in your favourite high-flying strains.

Saiz wasn’t overhyping this playlist; it is as good, and as upbeat, as advertised. The sounds of Liar will begin the euphoric 23-song serenade. You’ll also be uplifted by Tame Impala, Stardust, and the classic Robyn.

And to keep your spirits up, you’ll want our Royal Runtz to keep you company. With 27% THC, it will hit you hard in both the body and brain, so prepare to strap in for a ride to remember.

Euphoria / Energy Boost
  • Tripping / Psychedelic Journey

This playlist needs no further introduction. As Saiz himself describes it, this one’s “for those strains that are more psychedelic… space travels, just for closing the eyes and flying”.

For this collection of tunes, you’ll be entertained by exceptional artists like Chromatics, John Maus, and everyone’s favourite, Rihanna. It’s all a matter of allowing yourself to be enthralled by the beats and voices.

Supplement your listening with a few puffs of our Honey Cream. As the name suggests, it brings a sweet, caramel-like flavour and aroma to the table. It will leave you in a pleasantly stoned yet euphoric state, so it’ll be best for you to stay home and enjoy the music.

Tripping / Psychedelic Journey
  • Release Anxiety / Couchlocking

Last, but certainly not least, this one’s the ultimate chill stoner playlist. If you’re dealing with some anxiety, let these tunes ease the burden.

Don’t worry, these songs won’t put you to sleep. But with the enchanting melodies of Petit Biscuit, Afta-1, and Kid Cudi playing in your ear, you will want to keep yourself in a steady position.

As you listen to these hypnotising tunes, treat yourself to some El Patron. It may leave your body fixed to the couch, but you’ll be in an engaged and creative state of mind.

Release Anxiety / Couchlocking

Now that you have a few playlists and strains, the next thing to do is try out these combos for yourself! Some may work perfectly for you, and others may not. But at the very least, you'll have an entirely new experience out of each one.

The Harmony Between Herb and Music

Just like coffee and cream or a cheeseburger and fries, cannabis and music make for a perfect marriage. But why, exactly?

Cannabis and Music Both Have Soothing Qualities

Let’s get a little scientific here for a moment. Music is known to soothe the mind, body, and soul.
Studies[1] explain how it can actually lower cortisol levels (aka stress hormones). Similarly, there is research[2] showing how cannabis in low doses can soothe tension and put the mind at ease.

These are sensible explanations as to why specific types of music bring a sense of peace in almost an instant. Adding cannabis to the mix only enhances the sensation as you’re eased into a state of euphoria you won’t want to dissipate.

Cannabis and Music Both Have Soothing Qualities

Cannabis as a Potential Auditory Stimulator

Studies[3] suggest that cannabis can potentially modulate the particular brain function that processes auditory sensation. There is also research[4] on cannabis’ potential to give the listener temporarily enhanced acoustic perception and an overall enhancement in cerebral processing of music. Study authors cite how weed may offer a “broadened insight into the ‘space between the notes’”.

In other words, cannabis may enable you to hear music on a much more profound level. In turn, you get to develop a deeper appreciation for a particular song, artist, or type of music. For many, that could be an eye-opening, life-changing experience.

Cannabis and Creativity

You’ve likely heard people claim, in so many ways, how cannabis makes them more creative. These testimonials come from people we know personally, and from renowned artists and musicians.

While these anecdotes deserve the benefit of the doubt, we can also look at science for a much better understanding.

As this 2011[5] study notes, acute cannabis use potentially “increases divergent thinking”. Divergent thinking centres around the use of our imagination and free-flowing thoughts. It's the opposite of convergent thinking, which revolves around logic.

So if you’re looking to dabble in music, cannabis may just give you that creative boost you very much need.

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