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By Luke Sholl

If you’re growing cannabis, you don’t need expensive nutrients, growth boosters, and chemical insecticides. You can make fertiliser blends and plant cures from common ingredients you have at home. These home-made blends won’t just save you money; they are also purely organic, so you can grow healthy weed the natural way! Each one of these organic blends is designed as a cure for a specific problem or deficiency, so you can quickly and effectively treat your plants.


Although nutrient blend manufacturers might want you to believe otherwise, you can raise healthy, productive, and potent cannabis plants by providing purely organic support. Mother Nature has a lot to offer us here!

Here are some of the benefits to going organic.

• Flavour

First and foremost, compared to using synthetic nutrients, growing organically makes for better tasting cannabis. Aside from synthetic nutrients potentially hampering the taste of your crop directly, some believe that growing organically actually helps plants to fully develop their terpene profile.

• Health

Many people use cannabis as medicine, and even those who don’t are still trying to stay healthy. As such, it’s important to consider what you give to your weed, as this has the potential to end up in your system. Doesn’t seem like such a pretty picture when you consider how some growers simply overload their plants with bloom boosters and the like, not to mention even scarier things such as pesticides. Keeping things all natural is healthier!

• Better for the environment

Using everyday organic ingredients puts less stress on the environment and makes good use of waste. No need to toss things out and create more garbage when you can put these items to work in your garden.


No matter how experienced you are, or how hard you try, there are some ever-present threats to nearly every cannabis grow. Nasty bugs like spider mites may like your weed a little too much, or your plants could develop a nutrient deficiency. But aside from helping with growing troubles and pests, you can also make organic cannabis blends to benefit growth, yield, etc.

Here are some categories where you can use organic blends to boost your plants:

1. Pests
2. Calcium deficiency
3. Power roots (root stimulator)
4. Pest prevention
5. Increase yields
6. Flowering stimulator


An effective organic insecticide that gets rid of common pests.

If your cannabis plant is already infested with a pest such as spider mites or thrips, you’ll need to act quickly. No worries—this natural nettle tea blend gets the job done!


• How nettle tea benefits cannabis plants

Long used among growers in Spain, stinging nettle (known in the region as purín de ortiga) can be brewed into an excellent remedy for aphids, thrips, mites, and whiteflies—very common cannabis pests.

Nettle tea works as a natural repellent to keep critters away from your plants, and as a fertiliser since it is very high in nitrogen and minerals. For best results, use nettle tea as a foliar spray.

• How to make nettle tea

Add a handful of nettles to a litre of water. Let boil for a few minutes and allow the tea to cool. Strain through a filter or cheesecloth. Fill a spray bottle and spray your cannabis plants generously—especially the leaves. If needed, repeat after a few days. Use the leftover nettle tea as a fertiliser for an extra bonus!


Calcium deficiency in cannabis is not too common, as tap water normally contains good amounts. But cannabis needs a lot of it, so it can happen. Calcium deficiency displays as dry, yellow or brown spots on leaves.

Cannabis plants can develop a nutrient deficiency for various reasons. A nutrient may simply not be available, or a deficiency can arise from overfeeding or pH problems.


• How an eggshell blend benefits cannabis plants

Marijuana needs almost as much calcium as it does nitrogen. This is why many commercial cannabis nutrients contain this ingredient. Eggshells are rich in calcium, so why not use them in your soil to provide extra Ca to your marijuana plants? This eggshell blend works as a calcium deficiency-correcting fertiliser.

• How to make an eggshell blend at home

Using a mortar and pestle, crush around eight eggshells. The finer you crush them, the better. Dissolve the crushed eggshells in 1.5l of water. Use a few drops of pH down (hydrochloric acid) to bring your eggshell water down to a pH of 5.0. Have the eggshell blend sit for about 24 hours. Afterwards, remove the remaining shells and filter the liquid. Measure the pH of the blend again, and if necessary bring it to a pH of about 6.0. You can administer this eggshell blend on its own or together with other cannabis nutrients.


Powerful natural root stimulator.

Because plants take in most of their water and nutrients through their roots, a healthy root system is vital for a healthy plant. The power roots root stimulator is excellent to boost the overall health of your plant, and also makes a great root stimulator to help with seed germination and cuttings.


• How power roots benefits cannabis plants

Lentils and many beans (red beans, white beans) are rich in auxins, which are plant hormones that regulate and promote healthy growth. In fact, one of the most popular commercial rooting hormones used by growers is made from synthetic auxins. Our organic power roots blend works just as well!

• How to make a power roots blend at home

In a pot of cool water, soak dry lentils and red or white beans for about a day until they are soft and hydrated. Don’t drain the water, but instead use it for your roots and cuttings. Alternatively, you can heat the bean/water mix to extract more of the nutritious compounds. Whisk everything together until you have a thick paste—great for clones and cuttings!


Effective natural pest prevention and a great fertiliser for late flowering!

Wood ash is an excellent way to ward off all kinds of pests. But that’s not the only benefit it has!


• How wood ash benefits your cannabis plants

Wood ash is a natural pest deterrent that works in various ways. When laid out around plants, the ashes physically damage the epicuticular wax shell of insects so they dry out and die. It also interferes with the chemical signals emanating from host plants, so pests have a harder time locating them. Lastly, if you treat leaves with ashes, they become unpalatable for foliage feeders like cutworms, caterpillars, grasshoppers, etc.

The other benefit of wood ash is that it is particularly rich in potassium and phosphorus, which makes it very suitable for the final flowering stage of cannabis.

• How to make a wood ash blend at home

The next time you have a fire, collect the ashes as soon as the wood has burned and cooled down. Store in a dry place. You can use the ashes dry, or mixed in water. When used dry, spread a generous amount of wood ash around your plants, also covering the soil and leaves for an effective pest deterrent. If you mix it in water, let it sit for a few hours first and then use it to irrigate your flowering cannabis plants.


An excellent fertiliser for the vegetative phase.

The vegetative and flowering phases of cannabis have different nutrient requirements. A coffee grounds blend is the perfect organic fertiliser for the growing phase. Bigger and stronger plants mean bigger yields come harvest time!


• How coffee grounds benefit cannabis plants

Coffee grounds are one of the most popular organic soil amendments for cannabis growers. They are very rich in nutrients cannabis needs during the vegetative phase, such as nitrogen.

In addition, the acidity of coffee grounds favours beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which will make available additional valuable nutrients for your cannabis plants.

• How to make a coffee grounds blend at home

Take the spent coffee grounds from your morning brew and mix into 1 litre of water. Let sit for 24 hours. You can use the coffee grounds blend directly to water your cannabis plants, or you can mix the grounds themselves into your potting soil or compost.


Organic boost for flowering stimulation.

Supporting the flowering stage of cannabis is crucial. After all, it’s during this time that your plant develops and matures its buds. Give the right nutrients throughout this phase, and you will grow the best weed!


• How banana tea benefits cannabis plants

It’s essential for flowering cannabis plants to have a good amino acid supply. Potassium helps the plant assimilate sugars, starches, and carbohydrates. Banana peels help to increase energy reserves and assist in the construction of complex carbohydrates that give structure to leaves, stems, and buds.

Potassium is also crucial as it aids in the biosynthesis of proteins related to terpenes, the absorption of water by roots, and the regulation of stomata cell guards (for opening and closing).

To help increase your yield, prepare a mix of banana tea, honey, and molasses during the last six weeks of flowering.

• How to make banana tea at home

Boil three banana peels in 1 litre of water; add a little sugar, honey, and molasses. Once the mixture is cold, remove the banana peels and use the resulting liquid to irrigate your marijuana plants.