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The M Plusis the newest model within the DynaVap range. Building upon the success of its predecessors, it features superior efficiency and ergonomics, has a bigger bowl, and boasts compatibility with concentrates and external rigs. Find out everything you need to know about this device below.

Evolution of DynaVap Vapes

DynaVap emerged back in 2014 when its founder started to identify problems with contemporary models of the time. Large, expensive, and dependent upon batteries for operation, the DynaVap team sought to tackle these issues by focusing solely on minimalism and functionality. They set out to create a smokeless means of inhaling cannabis without the need for electricity.

After some serious research, development, and product design testing, DynaVap released their primary vaporizer lines, including the “M” crafted from steel, the VonG made from wood, and the Omni forged from titanium. Out of these devices, the M quickly rose to prominence and remains their most popular dry herb vaporizer.


Since its inception, the M has remained anything but static. The team at DynaVap has consistently tinkered with the design, improving it on a frequent basis, and releasing new and improved models regularly. It might sound rather excessive to constantly redesign and re-release this vape, but this smokeless and powerless device still remains a novel concept. As DynaVap makes newer models available, the company gets feedback from users and makes modifications to the vaporizer in real time.

However, each iteration of the M shares one key trait that makes this line of products so popular. These devices aren’t too different from joints or pipes in the sense that they require nothing more than a lighter and some bud. However, the weed inside a DynaVap M doesn’t come into direct contact with a flame. These devices sidestep combustion by transmitting heat through metal, resulting in vaporization by way of conduction. Therefore, all M models are as easy to smoke as a joint, with no buttons or settings to fiddle around with, while offering all of the advantages that vaporization has over smoking.

Recent Developments: The DynaVap M Plus

Here at Royal Queen Seeds, we’ve recently added the DynaVap M Plus to our massive vape catalogue! This 2023 model takes the very best aspects of previous versions and fuses them together into a superior dry-herb, flame-fuelled vaporizer. Check out the main attributes of the DynaVap M Plus, before we compare it to the 2021 version.

  • Highly Portable

Much like its predecessors, the DynaVap M Plus is small and easy to conceal. This vape easily ranks as one of the most portable models on the market, shorter in length and thinner in diameter than many electronic vape pens. Users can slide it into their pocket, conceal it in the palm of their hand, and easily slot it into small rolling bags or boxes alongside their other accessories.

  • Compatible With Concentrates

The DynaVap M Plus serves as a dry herb vaporizer straight out of the box. However, the designers built this piece with flexibility in mind. Just like previous models, users can pair the M Plus with an additional purchase: the DynaCoil. This precision-engineered concentrate adaptor slots onto the end of the M Plus and makes the device compatible with concentrates and thick oils. Crafted from medical-grade titanium, this small and sturdy piece of kit takes up next to no room but completely enhances the user experience of the DynaVap M Plus.

  • Ergonomic

The DynaVap M Plus simply feels good in the hand. It has an impressive weight that gives off a sense of quality. Created from durable titanium, the designer built the device to last. It’ll survive small drops unscathed, and can take a hit much better than electronic vapes composed primarily of plastic. A small diameter and a metal body might sound like a recipe for slipperiness, but the machine markings on the vape are exceptionally grippy. As well as serving an ergonomic purpose, the tree bark-like pattern adds to the aesthetic of the vape.

  • Efficiency

The DynaVap M Plus boasts almost complete extraction capacity. The conductivity of the titanium body and optimised tip design enable the chamber to heat up quickly and evenly. However, convection also plays a role as hot air is drawn through the heating chamber. This allows users to vape an entire bowl every time they heat up the device, without the need to constantly apply a lighter every time they take a hit.

  • Top Vapor Quality

The DynaVap M Plus delivers silky smooth and tasty vapor. Although more primitive in design than elaborate electronic vapes, it manages to consistently churn out terpene-rich vapor that doesn’t agitate the mouth or throat. Using the rotary rocker arm, users can manually control airflow intensity to increase or decrease the amount of vapor they take in with each inhalation.

  • Easy Microdosing

Users have the option to halve the bowl size from 0.1g to 0.05g. This makes for effortless and accurate microdosing. Simply remove the screen, move the screen to the alternative slot, and load up the chamber.

  • Rig Compatibility

Some cannabis users prefer to filter their vape hits through water for that extra degree of buttery smoothness. If you enjoy this practice, then we have some good news for you. The conical nozzle fits perfectly into 10mm female holes, allowing you to pair your vape with your favourite compatible bong.


Comparison: DynaVap M 2021 vs DynaVap M Plus

With a growing number of DynaVap M devices to choose from, vape enthusiasts can quickly find themselves stumped when it comes to deciding which one suits them best. Both the M 2021 and M Plus are the most advanced models. Find out exactly why the M Plus has an edge over its predecessors.

New Tip

The DynaVap M Plus features a completely redesigned tip compared to the M 2021. Unlike the previous model, it possesses no fin. The removal of this structure results in a lower mass, which equates to faster heat-up times. Despite a reduced mass, the new tip has a 15% larger bowl by volume, allowing users to enjoy bigger hits and more THC with each inhalation. The tip also has sharper serrations, enhancing the efficacy of its function as an integrated grinder. But that’s not all. The new tip also features visible “spots” that work as heating references. Simply aim for the spots to heat up your herb as efficiently as possible.

New Stem

Inspired by nature, the new texture on the stem makes the M Plus more tactile and easier to handle than the previous model. The new “squareport” also has a tactile function and allows users to easily identify the air inlet without looking.

Improved Thermal Extraction

Enhanced thermal extraction also sets the M Plus aside from the M 2021. A quicker heat-up time, and more efficient conductivity overall, make it more seamless to operate.

How to Use the DynaVap M Plus

You’re now much more familiar with the DynaVap M Plus. Next up, you’re going to learn how to use it!

What You’ll Need

  • DynaVap M Plus
  • Strain of choice
  • Butane torch or lighter
  • Grinder

Dynavap M Plus
56_1 Heat Conduction & Convection
57_2 Size 1.0 × 1.0 × 8.9 cm
58_3 Weight 20 gr
59_4 Temperature 150°C - 230°C / 300°F - 450°F
60_5 Heat Up Time 10 sec
61_6 Chamber Size 0,1 gr
62_7 Control type Manual
63_8 Used With Dry Herbs

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  1. Grab a nug of your favourite strain, place it into your grinder, and process it into a coarse powder. Remove the cap from your vape and dig the tip into the pile of ground weed at the bottom of your grinder. Lightly tap down the weed and replace the cap.
  2. Grab a butane torch or lighter and aim it at the visible spots on the tip. Once you hear a click, you’re ready to take a hit!
  3. Inhale! Use the squarepot as a shotgun hole to clear the vape after each hit. The one-cycle extraction will allow you to vape the entire bowl without the need to heat it up again.

How to Clean the DynaVap M Plus

You need to frequently clean your DynaVap M Plus. Follow the steps below to keep your vape in tip-top shape.

What You’ll Need

  • Cotton swabs
  • 90% isopropyl alcohol
  • Small container


  1. Disassemble the device. Separate the tip, condenser, and body.
  2. Partially fill a small container with isopropyl alcohol. Place the parts inside and let them soak for 15 minutes.
  3. After soaking, use a cotton swab to gently clean away any grime and debris; the tip itself is particularly prone to residue buildup.
  4. Rinse each individual piece under running water and dry them using a paper towel.
  5. Reassemble your vape, ready to use once again!

DynaVap M vs B

The M line of DynaVap vapes has become widely popular among cannabis users. However, another DynaVap creation, known as the “B”, has also risen to prominence. This model also features an adjustable bowl, a hybrid heating system, and a small and portable body. Unlike the M Plus, the B features different building materials. Its food-grade silicone body makes it extremely comfortable to hold and equally as durable. It also features rig integration but lacks the more developed tip on the M Plus.


The DynaVap M Plus: A Faultless, Battery-Free Vape

The DynaVap M Plus shows just how far battery-free vapes have come. Compared to previous models, it features greater efficiency, improved ergonomics, a large bowl, and faster heat-up times. Currently, it represents the pinnacle of minimalist vapes. It removes buttons and settings from the equation—you’ll never run out of power! If you value reliability, portability, and discretion, then you need to give this vape a whirl.

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