We have all seen how nicotine patches came to be used by smokers looking to cut down. A patch on the skin slowly releasing chemicals into the bloodstream is quite discreet. This method comes with minimal side effects and allows for more concentrated dosages. Today, this concept has been applied to the world of cannabis as well.

Medicinal users of cannabis often require very specific chemical combinations. There are also concerns over potentially adverse health impacts from smoking, vaping, consuming edibles, and so forth. Patches now offer a promising form of treatment as the cannabusiness continues to evolve.


Cannabis Science, Inc. is a bio-science company based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have released a transdermal cannabis patch to ease pain linked to conditions such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, and neuropathy. Medical research continues to develop on the impact of cannabis on neurology. So far, it seems a number of conditions are well-suited to cannabis treatment in appropriate circumstances. The patches provided by Cannabis Science could be a game-changer. Another Colorado-based company, Mary's Medicinals, started supplying similar patches a few years earlier in 2013. These patches from Cannabis Science seem to have nailed a steady distribution of anti-inflammatory CBD into the body.


How do patches even work? These adhesive squares of medical gauze are infused with cannabinoids. Such patches must form a stable, porous layer against the skin so as to not break down and release chemicals too quickly. Usually, some form of rubbing alcohol and compounds like dimethyl sulfoxide form the correct balance. With cannabinoids absorbed through the skin, there is a steady, sustained release of all their pain-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis Science have announced two patches tailored to treat two specific conditions; one for fibromyalgia, the other for diabetic neuropathy.

Transdermal CBD Patches


The team at Cannabis Science have also said that they plan to develop more patches in the future. They feel that this distribution method is unobtrusive yet effective. More jurisdictions are looking to not just legalize cannabis, but fund serious research into its medical impact. Forming an effective delivery method is key to the practice of any medicine. Cannabis Science is convinced that patches will become more common among medicinal users. Indeed, they have already captured the interest of patients, manufacturers, and medical professionals worldwide. Watch this emerging market to see how it influences the momentum of medical cannabis legalization. You may very well see a friend or loved one use a cannabis patch in your lifetime.


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