Ladies, there is a little secret about cannabis you need to know. Cannabis lube intensifies the whole sexual experience. Men also may find cannabis-infused lubricants pleasurable, but the effect appears to be most intense when used on female genitalia.


Applying cannabis-infused lubrication to the lips and entrance to the vagina has several effects. It relaxes the entire area. It makes the outer lips and inner walls more sensitive. It appears to stimulate the body’s own natural lubricants. It can also dramatically increase the number and sensations of orgasms.

What is not to like?

cannabis oil cream lub


Using cannabis infused oil as lubricant is just a topical application. It is usually applied as a spray-on oil. It can also be a cream. For best results, apply about 15 minutes before you want to begin.

Topically applied cannabinoids work like local anaesthetics. In other words, only on the areas they are applied to. This includes body parts where there is pain sensation. Or tense muscles.

In the case of the vagina, however, cannabinoids do several other things. Female reproductive organs contain many cannabinoid receptors. Cannabis lube appears to stimulate the body’s natural lubricant production too.

If this sounds like cannabis could be the ultimate female aphrodisiac? Could be.

Combined with a little oral ingestion of cannabis as well, this could be just the ticket to a memorable evening. Or should that be plural? It should go without saying that latex and oil do not go together well. Plan accordingly. As oral sex is also much more pleasurable with a canna-lube, you may not even miss a condom.

This is also one activity that you do not need a partner to enjoy. Masturbation with a cannabis-infused lube is also very satisfying.


In an under-regulated cannabis market, the best place to source this is your own kitchen. This is also a great way to control your ingredients. It starts with the kind of cannabis you use. The larger companies who do sell this kind of sex product frequently use chemical pesticides not suitable for human consumption. Myclobutanil, for example, is a chemical used in the growing of ornamental plants. It also has been shown to have negative effects on the reproductive system. Putting that directly adjacent to one’s reproductive organs is not most women’s idea of foreplay.

The good news? Canna-lube is super easy to make at home.

homenade cannabis lube recipe coconut oil cannabis


You will need a crock pot or a double boiler for this recipe. You will also need to set aside at least a half a day for cook time. This magic elixir takes a little brewing time. That said, it is worth the wait.

  • 16-18 grams viscous oil (like coconut oil)
  • 18 grams decarboxylated trim or buds (substitute 1 gram of hash)
  • 1 tablespoon liquid sunflower lecithin
  1. Warm the oil and add the bud and lecithin. Make sure that the oil does not boil. You will also need to stir your brew regularly. Cook for between three to four hours. The longer you let the buds leach THC into the oil, the more cannabinoids you will get.
  2. You can also try testing the oil as you go. Spoon a little out. Let cool. Apply to your skin. If you start to feel it working, you have the strength you need.
  3. Once you are satisfied, remove the cooking pot from the heat or turn off the crock pot.
  4. When the oil is cool, pour into refillable spray bottles. It is also usually best to refrigerate or store in a dark, cool place until use.

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