There are many different Cannabis strains out there giving each individual a unique high experience, however, it is of the most importance to do your research and choose a weed that gives you everything you need whether you just want to sit and watch a movie, get a good nights rest or party with your friends in a social setting. With that being said, I am here to give you a little background information on Bubble Kush Cannabis, where it comes from, the type of strain it is, how it's grown, what it taste and smells like, the best ways to smoke it as well as its positive and negative effects.
Bubble Kush Cannabis
What is Kush?
Bubble Kush is a strain of Kush Cannabis. Its origins stem from Afghanistan, the Northern part of Pakistan and Western India. The name comes from the Hindu-Kush mountains where it was cultivated for many years. It is part of the Indica family and it's mainly used today for medical use. OG Kush has been a popular strain mainly distributed in California and is known for its potent quality and long-lasting psychoactive effects.

How is Bubble Kush Grown
Like many Indica dominant plants its already trained to grow at a low density, allowing the plant to benefit from the warmth of the soil and giving you this bushy feel to the plant with yields around 500 g. per square meter. This is only taking into account if you grow the plant inside. If you are growing it outside the yields may be slightly different due to climate. This plant does best in dry climates, it does not do well in wet climates, because the damp weather could make the plant form rot or mould on its buds. Flowering period takes 8-9 weeks. The resulting plant will be bushy with light and dark green color, clear, cloudy trichomes with just touch of amber. As well as pale orange and yellow hairs coming out of the sides and top of the plant.

The Smell and Taste Profile
The main aroma you will smell is pine and citrus with a fresh lemon finish. It does have a slight skunk to it but it won't stink up your home. The taste does have that pine aspect to the palate with notes of earthy soil and lemon citrus. There is a bite to the smoke and it can make you cough when inhaled.

Bubble Kush

Best Smoking Practices
Due to the fact that this specific type of Cannabis doesn't give you a long lasting high, it is best to consume it through a bong. Your high will last up to 2 hours. If you are not a fan of that harsh sting on your throat, try using a vaporizer, it will still give you that stoned feeling without the bite.

Positive Effects
Bubble Kush is less potent than regular OG Kush which makes it a great fix for anxiety and even migraines. It will also give you lots of energy, will make you feel euphoric and creative with an overall positive attitude.

I hope that this post was helpful to all of you Cannabis enthusiasts out there and if you ever get your hands on this beautiful marijuana plant, enjoy!

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