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Kush Cannabis - The Royal Queen Seeds Collection

Kush Cannabis


Cannabis indica has at least a 1300 year history of growing naturally in the Hindu-Kush mountain range straddling the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush is a very special band of the cannabis indica tribe. Genuine Kush is top-shelf cannabis.

Consider cannabis indica like the Apaches. Kush is the rebel Chiricahua band. Born of the same mountains but endowed with more powerful magic. Some experts will argue that Kush strains deserve their own specific cannabis classification under Cannabis Afghanica.

Landrace Kush strains typically exhibit the heaviest of indica traits. Leaves and stems are fat, internodal spacing is very short and plants rarely exceed 2m. Budding is prolific as plants acquire a bushy stature allowing for maximum low profile production. Of course, the extra sticky layer of resin covering flowers and the pungent mix of odours from pine to kerosene differentiates Kush weed from other indicas.

Indoors or outdoors Kush strains are an excellent choice for cannabis growers of all levels. If you enjoy the couchlock effect and are looking to cultivate some of the dankest weed it’s gotta be Kush. Alternatively, if you want a more relaxed body stoned sensation it’s also gotta be Kush. Royal Queen Seeds have developed a diverse collection of Kush strains to suit every kind of Kush lover.


One Kush to rule them all. Arguably the most precious. Certainly the most awarded and acclaimed. The O.G. Kush is the jewel in the crown of the Royal Queen Seeds Kush collection. This is not just the hottest Kush strain right now. This is the hottest cannabis strain period. Just 8 weeks of bloom are required to bring approximately 500g/m² of gourmet Kush to harvest. Our O.G. Kush is guaranteed to set your grow-op on fire!

O.G. Kush is world renowned for its devastating 19%+ THC level potency, neon green frosty nuggets, and signature scent. Pungent aromas of pine mixed with fuel make this some of the loudest weed on Earth. While the flavour is earthy with a slightly citrus bite.

Effects are spectacularly sativa influenced initially with a pleasant euphoric high. But make no mistake the knockout body stoned component is soon to follow. Prepare to be glued to the couch for quite a while and stock up on plenty of munchies.

Og Kush Royal Queen Seeds Training SCROG

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Perhaps the most flavoursome and generous yielding member of the Royal Queen Seeds Kush Dynasty is Bubble Kush. Unmistakeable bubblegum candy flavours and a potent Couchlocking high make this a really tasty Kush option for the cannabis garden.

Bubble Kush is an incredibly vigorous growing ganja bush. Indoors tremendous yields up to 600g/m² can be achieved with the SOG method from compact 1m tall plants. Outdoors plants will perform well in a warm sunny climate and climb as tall as 2m.

Well cultivated outdoor specimens can produce up to 650g of connoisseur grade Kush in just 7-8 weeks. Expect a heavy duty physical stoned sensation from 19%+ THC nuggs bursting with flavour.

Bubble Kush

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The fastest blooming photoperiod Kush in the Royal Queens Seeds collection is the Candy Kush. By combining Sweet Special with Royal Kush a vigorous hybrid with a mixed head-body high has exploded on the Kush scene. In just 7 weeks expect 18%+ THC and low CBD.

The diverse genetics of Candy Kush is the perfect recipe for an easy to grow Kush with a pleasant cerebral component to the high. Indica traits dominate the looks of this strain in the grow op and plants will rarely exceed 1m tall indoors. While outdoors Southern European growers can achieve amazing results. Up to 500g per plant is possible from bushy individuals no more than 1.7m tall.

Candy Kush

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Crossing the multi-award winning O.G. Kush with the commercial European growers favourite Critical Mass has given rise to a real monster Kush hybrid the Critical Kush. Whether you can’t decide to cultivate O.G. Kush or Critical Mass or just want a new Kush hybrid in the grow op, the Critical Kush won’t disappoint. Powerful Kush with accentuated earthy and citrus aroma and flavour.

This strain is a great choice for the beginner grower. Critical Kush is hardy and low maintenance. Easy to grow indoors and outdoors in a warm climate. Plants are compact and tremendously productive with 1m tall about the average indoor height and approximately 500g/m² yield.

Critical Kush won’t stretch much higher outdoors, usually staying under 1.5m and producing as much as 500g per plant. Turbo charged Kush ready for harvest in as little as 7-8 weeks. Dense, gooey Critical Kush nuggs pack quite a punch with 20% THC and a fast hitting sedative effect.

Critical Kush Royal Queen Seeds Indoor Growing

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This extraordinary strain is perhaps the most sativa leaning Kush variety in the Royal Queen Seeds collection. Pruning and/or training is recommended for a manageable highly productive crop.

Kali Dog has wider internodal spacing and a more definitive cerebral sativa kick to her high than your typical Kush. Although chunky resin dripping buds exude old school Kush charm and really swell in the final weeks of flowering. 8-10 weeks of bloom and potent skunky stinking buds with a wonderful head buzz and mellow body stoned effect can be yours.

Kali Dog

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If you are looking for a more tropical fruity flavoured Kush variety, you need the Pineapple Kush in your cannabis garden. This strain is a cocktail of O.G. Kush with a Pineapple twist. Pineapple Kush is a unique Kush with a sativa leaning high and a more relaxing than Couchlocking physical effect.

This sweet tasting head stash is forgiving to newbie indoor growers and a great performer outdoors in southern regions. SOG for max yield indoors with branchy 1m-1.2m tall plants and with large containers 2m high ganja bushes can be cropped outdoors in a sunny spot. There’s no Kush quite like the Pineapple Kush.

Pineapple Kush Royal Queen Seeds indoor growing

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Want to try some back to the future Kush? Royal Queen Seeds have resurrected and recharged vintage mountain Kush genetics to bring you the Special Kush 1. Visually this strain is reminiscent of squat wild Kush with an amazing flower to leaf ratio. Not to mention probably the tightest sugary buds in the game.

Special Kush 1 is more than just an homage to heirloom mountain Kush strains. Of course, she will thrive outdoors in a hot dry environment but she is also perfectly tuned for high performance in the grow room. Special Kush 1 is suitable for both novice cultivators and bona fide Kush connoisseurs.

Special Kush

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Royal Queen Seeds don’t do garden variety autoflowering versions of popular photoperiod strains. We innovate and breed next generation autoflowering strains. Bubble Kush Automatic is a pedigree next-gen auto with grow-op stats to rival contemporary photoperiod cannabis strains.

Created from the finest breeding stock of O.G. Kush, Bubble Gum and Critical Automatic the Bubble Kush Automatic is proof that great ganja grows from small plants. Indoors or outdoors in full sun 1m is about the max height. Plus since she is a vigorous autoflowering hybrid Bubble Kush Automatic can race from germination to harvest in as little as 7-8 weeks. We advise balcony growers to make this strain your first choice stealth strain.

Bubble Kush Auto

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For those cannabis users not yet accustomed to the phenomenal potency of the top-shelf Kush varieties but still want to enjoy some fine Kush buds with a less intense effect. Allow us to introduce you to the Royal Kush automatic. The perfect introductory Kush strain for those new to cannabis culture. THC is approximately 13% and the high is far more tempered and mellow than the intense Fire Kush strains like O.G. Kush and her sister crosses.

Royal Kush Automatic requires minimal nutrients and a little grower TLC to rapidly produce ripe Kush nuggs in just 8-9 weeks post germination. Indoors, especially in cabinet micro grows or outdoors on a small terrace the Royal Kush Automatic earns every cm of the grow space.

Plants are compact and branch well staying below 1m regardless of cultivation style. Yields are generous with 50g per plant indoors common and up to 170g per plant in hot summer conditions in southern latitudes.

Royal Kush Automatic

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Bruce Banner strains are the namesake of the iconic Marvel character who turns into the green monster, the Incredible Hulk. There are a number of phenotypes boasting different qualities of this amazingly potent plant. Our variation is Hulkberry, which was bred to bring out the very best of Kush genetics. Bruce Banners are delicate combinations of two popular hybrids: OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Strawberry Diesel lends its titular flavour to Hulkberry. The earthy pine smell of Kush strains should be more prevalent with our seeds. We wanted to boost the euphoric buzz of the Kush side of the family, resulting in THC content reaching a staggering 27%. This is a fantastic, mind-blowing strain that must be smoked to be believed.


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If banana is a flavour you enjoy in herbal form, Fat Banana is the strain for you. Try the smoke of this strain for its sweet, fruity taste with a tinge of citrus. The effects are said to clear your head and send a stoned, lazy sensation throughout your body. Your muscles will be so relaxed, couch-lock and appetite stimulation are guaranteed. Soothing indica and happy sativa qualities come courtesy of a THC content known to soar past 25%. This flavourful hybrid is the result of breeding OG Kush with Chiquita Banana. It will flower over 7–8 weeks with a suitably yellow tinge to its buds. This makes for a handsome prize when growing this adaptable Kush, whether your keep it compact indoors or let it grow taller than a full-grown adult outdoors.

Fat Banana

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Some Kush strains are hybrids of diverse lineage. Landraces from all over the world come together to form the indica-dominant Purple Queen. Sativas from Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico bring Skunk qualities to this Kush. The Kush side of things, of course, is derived from the illustrious Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain range has seen potent cannabis plants growing in the wild for thousands of years. These strains have now been infused into many of the world's greatest cultivars, including highly sought-after purple phenotypes. These plants skew towards fruity flavours and purple colouring. In this case, Purple Afghan lends it genetics to Purple Queen. Not only are its purple colours dazzling, the THC content reaches 22%. The flavour ends up being an intoxicating blend of pine, berries, and fuel as you experience an intense high that's both soothing and invigorating.

Purple Queen

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