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By Miguel Ordoñez

While cannabis consumption can be a marvellous activity in general, it is still best enjoyed with someone else around. There is never a too-crowded moment when it comes to appreciating the herb and all of its delightful effects.

There are a lot of group activities you can do while stoned, but today, we will be focussing on the quality time romantic partners can spend with the herb and each other. Below, we will be giving out 10 date ideas (in no particular order) that cannabis-loving couples can very much try for themselves!


The idea of being one (or two) with the universe is already trippy enough—but when you add some cannabis into the mix, it can create a whole new level of serenity. A planetarium may not exactly be 100% “nature”, but it can still give you the feeling of being a tiny speck in the massive spectrum of the cosmos.

At the very least, you can always enjoy the romantic scenery of being under hundreds of makeshift stars, which is almost as enticing as the real thing.

Planetarium Cannabis Loving


If you happen to be conscious of your health and diet, you’ll likely opt for something more nutritious to snack on once the munchies hit. But every once in a while, you can allow yourself to live a little and enjoy some of the worst (nutrition-wise) yet best foods that will spike your brain’s dopamine levels off the charts.

Choose from your favourite taco shop or even make your own stoner delicacies, but remember to binge in moderation and share with your partner!


Many still attest to the fact that music is best consumed via a tangible form. There is nothing like enjoying a record along with masterfully crafted album art to complete your organoleptic experience, satisfying your senses of sound, sight, and even touch.

If you lovebirds do decide on this date, make sure to get high, then take a stroll down the halls of your nearest vinyl shop to enjoy little pieces of music history.

Vinyl Store And Cannabis


If you plan to take your music adventure to a whole new level, you can choose to watch your favourite band perform live. Whether it is at an open field, a packed arena alongside thousands of fellow fans, or at your local dive bar, it’s always satisfying to take in some live music after a good smoke.

Jazz bars may be the perfect setting for a fairly low-profile date, while rave environments may suit those looking to really let loose. Simply pick the genre and setting that interests you and yours!


These days, cannabis comes in many forms, from buds to vape oils. Now, topical creams have been added to the mix. Although these salves will not get you high, they offer therapeutic benefits that will make your body feel cared for as your mind drifts off. To make this even more relaxing, consider blazing up some good indica with your partner beforehand.

The perfect way to spend a lazy day or night with your beau or belle.

Hiking Cannabis


For those who enjoy getting a breath of fresh air after they blaze, there’s nothing like going on a hike and appreciating the wonders of nature. This activity allows for you and your date to take in picturesque landscapes while also getting some exercise in the process.

An important tip: Never forget to stock up on a generous supply of drinking water, both to prevent dehydration and heat stroke, and to combat the unpleasant dry mouth that some strains bring along.


There a good number of benefits that yoga brings to the mind and body. But who says you cannot enhance the experience with a hit or two from your favourite strain?

Yoga is already a calming activity, but doing it with a significant other while high could be a completely unique and out-of-body experience that you will likely make a habit out of. You can choose to engage in a more calming, meditative practice, or start sweating with a rigorous vinyasa flow. Either way, you’re bound to feel more relaxed and limber afterwards.


In this day and age of “Netflix and chill”, couples find it a lot easier to spend their nights on the couch, watching their favourite film along with some herb and probably a glass of wine. But this is exactly what makes going old-school and visiting the cinema a lot more satisfying.

Nothing compares to watching an action film on a big screen with surround sound speakers. Not to mention, being blazed in a dark, public space where no one is going to question you makes the experience even better.


Cannabis is known to enhance one’s creativity, especially sativa strains. This is the main reason why the herb is beloved by artists, whether they are painters, writers, musicians, or the like.

What better way to get those creative juices flowing than by joining an art class? You and your date can have some fun showcasing your artistic voice without any real pressure from an instructor. Then you can go home and hang up your stoned works of art with pride.

Art And Cannabis


Since it is a date night, after all, it might also be the perfect time to get intimate with your partner. And it has been proven that cannabis is a great ingredient to spice up your bedroom romp.

You can of course indulge in traditional methods of consumption, but feel free to explore the cannabis lubes that, according to people who have used them, have opened up an entirely new realm of sexual pleasure. However, make sure you and your partner don’t get too stoned before the act; this makes some people uncomfortable and unable to perform. And remember, consent is always key.

Hopefully, these tips offer not only different ways to have fun with your date, but also a venue for you to strengthen your romantic bond over some dank. Now get out there and have fun, you lovebirds!

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