Wouldn't it be lovely to relax with your smoke and enjoy your vacation without wondering if you are safe? Well, there are a few places in this world where people actually live that way every day. While laws and local customs do vary from place to place, we've compiled a list of locations where the easy-breezy happy tokers live.

1. Netherlands
The "coffee shops" of Amsterdam and the Netherlands are renowned for their liberal hospitality and high quality buds. However, if you are not Dutch, there may be a problem even getting in the coffee shop door. Up to 30 grams of personal use herb is permitted on private property, as long as it's not for sale. There are local regions within the Netherlands where caution must prevail. Do your homework before you go.
Coffeeshop Dampkring Amsterdam2. "Irie" islands of Jamaica and the Caribbean
The "Irie" islands of Jamaica and the Caribbean are also famous for outrageously huge spliffs seen publically paraded through the streets and on balmy sunset beaches. Technically, however, ganja is actually illegal to grow, sell, or possess. It's just that the laws are pretty much ignored. You'll probably be alright, but don't take anything for granted.
Jamaica Cannabis
3. Uruguay
Uruguay is one of few countries where possession of herb is legal for personal use. The government has even passed laws to control the production and sale of cannabis. This is indeed a promising place for peaceful toking.
Uruguay Cannabis
4. Spain
Citizens of Spain are allowed to grow and possess herb for personal use, however, sale or possession is completely illegal in public areas. Citizens are welcomed into "Social Cannabis Clubs," but tourists are not. Great times can be had there, but discretion is strongly advised.
Cannabis Social Club
5. Peru
Peru is another place that promises pleasant leisure. Possession of up to eight grams of herb is permitted, although growing and selling is prohibited. This must be why Peru is known to be such a magical place if the herbs simply "appear" from thin air. Be discreet in procuring your stash.
Cannabis Peru
6. Ecuador
Ecuador allows the possession of up to 10 grams for personal use, though like Peru, growing and selling is completely illegal.
Ecuador Cannabis
7. Cambodia
Cambodia is another country where the government has pretty much given up on enforcing their laws, promising a trip with many pleasant trips. Herb is even included in the recipes at many restaurants and served as a side dish.
Cannabis Pizza
8. Czech Republic
Citizens of the Czech Republic are legally allowed to grow and possess cannabis for medical use. Otherwise, growing up to five plants and possession of small amounts of herb has been decriminalized.
Jack Herer Cannabis
9. Portugal
Possession of up to 25 grams is usually tolerated in Portugal, but once again, it's illegal to grow or sell it. Those arrested are sent to rehabilitation.
Cannabis Portugal
10. Nepal
Cannabis, Hashish, and Bhang are easily available throughout Nepal, though herb bud itself is not technically legal.
Cannabis Nepal
With foresight, planning, and a bit of discretion, enjoying sweet buds of cannabis is possible in these locations, and pleasant vacations can be had.

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