This region is already well-respected for their food, art, and culture. The cannabis being cultivated in this area is just as strong. When comparing the plants coming from this part of the globe to the others being cultivated in the world, Chile certainly qualifies as a strong finisher.

Cannabis in Chile
Chile is also ahead of the curb when it comes to the legality of cannabis when compared to the rest of the world. In this country, it is completely legal to consume cannabis in any form in the privacy of your home. While smoking and consuming cannabis in public is not completely legal, few people report problems doing so in public places such as parks and in their own cars. The use of cannabis is also very prominent along the beaches of the region. However, the law enforcement does tighten the reigns slightly during the summers and at the height of tourist season. It is also legal to have cannabis on your person as long as the amount is at or below 10 grams. Medical marijuana is also legal within the Chilean borders.
Northern Light Cannabis
The Price of Cannabis in Chile
Cannabis in Chile can be located very easily at extremely affordable prices. High-quality cannabis can be found with most local dealers for around three U.S. dollars per gram. The lower-quality products can be attained in most areas for as little as a dollar per gram. For individuals looking to buy larger quantities of cannabis, an ounce of high-quality product can be purchased for roughly $170. The majority of purchases are made from dealers behind closed doors. The industry is doing so well that some suppliers even make house calls when the situation is right. Travelers hoping to locate cannabis without any prior planning have the best chances for success when visiting areas such as Valparaiso where the lowest-grade cannabis is generally referred to as Paragua.

The Quality of Cannabis in Chile
The general quality of the cannabis in Chile is above average. Growers vary their product extensively and take a great deal of pride in the product that they produce. While prices can sometimes become exorbitant for buyers without experience who are looking in the wrong places, the quality of the cannabis will never be a disappointment. The best time to buy cannabis in Chile is during April. Locals refer to the buds associated with their product as Cogollo as well.

Cannabis Strains from Chile
Chile is also a wonderful destination for cannabis due to the wealth of strains that are prevalent in the region. However, certain suppliers can be exclusive when it comes to the types of strains in which they deal. Vioa and Reoaca are great regions for locating a wealth of variety in one area of the country. In these locations, travelers and locals can locate Purple Haze, White Widow, Northern Lights, Orange Bud, and AK-47. Still, these varieties only scratch the surface of the popular strains making their way from the fields of this region.


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