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  • Mother Gorilla (Formerly Royal Madre)
  • Mother Gorilla (Formerly Royal Madre)

Mother Gorilla (Formerly Royal Madre)

Reina Madre x Gorilla Glue #4

Mother Gorilla cannabis seeds combine the world-renowned strength of Gorilla Glue #4 with the terpene-rich charm of Reina Madre.
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Mother Gorilla Seeds Descend From Legendary Parents Gorilla Glue #4 and Reina Madre

Mother Gorilla feminized cannabis seeds are a new and improved version of Royal Madre. The original strain is a cross between Jack the Ripper and Reina Madre (Queen Mother). She’s a hard-hitting sativa variety that provides a cerebral effect, but we saw room for improvement. We wanted to elevate her potency to new heights. It only made sense to invite Gorilla genetics to the party. Our expert breeders undertook the ambitious challenge of harnessing Reina Madre and crossing her with Gorilla Glue (GG #4).

Reina Madre seeds served as an excellent genetic base for the cross. Her impressive THC level and exhilarating sativa high gave us a lot to work with. Plus, she contains a complex terpene profile featuring sweet, sour, and spicy tones. Mother Gorilla inherited many of these traits.

The Reina Madre strain brought the taste, but Gorilla Glue #4 contributed unrivalled potency.  This powerful cultivar is known far and wide for her mind-blowing high. Her predominantly sativa effect is fuelled by a colossal THC content of up to 30%. She also boasts fantastic aromas of pine and chocolate, and satisfying tastes of diesel. These impressive traits enabled the strain to scoop up wins at the High Times Cannabis Cup and High Times World Cup.

Together, these two parent strains gave rise to a superb hybrid. Mother Gorilla's cannabis seeds offer enormous levels of THC, spectacular tastes, and a brief flowering time. She’s heavily sativa-dominant and produces a rewarding yield.

Effect, Flavour, and Aroma of the Mother Gorilla Strain

Mother Gorilla provides a stimulating effect typical to sativa-dominant varieties. However, her high doesn’t cause unwanted jitters or paranoia. Instead, it’s the perfect level of energy and excitation. She swiftly wakes up the mind and gets the neurons firing, without being overwhelming. Users will enjoy a motivating and creative mindset that, in small doses, can be good for artistic and athletic ventures. Smoke enough of her flowers, though, and the effect becomes completely euphoric.

The strain is great for small gatherings and parties, and will catapult you into a social mood. Alternatively, she can be thoroughly enjoyed at home when seeking inspiration or introspection.

Growing Mother Gorilla’s seeds results in buds containing an impressive THC content of 23–25%—more than enough to provide significant therapeutic effects. The strain has the potential to reduce pain and stoke the appetite. Her bud also contains high levels of the terpene caryophyllene, a type of "dietary cannabinoid". The strain is also high in the mood-boosting and relaxing terpenes limonene and myrcene. This terpene profile culminates in tastes of rich chocolate and earth complemented by sweetness and spice.

Growing Mother Gorilla Cannabis Seeds

Mother Gorilla feminized cannabis seeds are the springboard to growing a laid-back photoperiod strain.  She maintains a medium height of 140–180cm and will be ready to harvest after a very reasonable flowering period for a sativa-dominant strain. Those cultivating the seeds indoors can expect a yield of up to 500g/m² after only 9–10 weeks of flowering. Seeds grown outdoors offer a maximum return of 650g/plant and will be ready to harvest at the beginning of October.

Mother Gorilla (Formerly Royal Madre) data sheet
Strain Type: Feminized
THC: 23%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor : 450 - 500 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 500 - 550 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm
Height Outdoor: 140 - 180 cm
Flowering time: 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest Month: Early October
Genetic Background: Gorilla Glue 4 x Reina Madre
Type: Sativa 70% Indica 30%
Effect: Calming, Euphoric
Climate: Long Summers
Flavour: Chocolate, Earthy, Herbal, Pungent, Skunk, Sour

    By S. S. on 30/May/2024 :

    Title : Herr
    Comment : Schmeckt sehr gut👍

    By J. D. on 29/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Mother gorilla
    Comment : This plant is a beast and smells delicious

    By E. B. on 29/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Herr B
    Comment : Awesome 8/10 germinated, looking forward for the results in the end =)

    By P. B. on 25/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Patrick
    Comment : Super Samen ! 100% Keimrate

    By R. F. on 02/Feb/2024 :

    Title : Ein Baum
    Comment : Mega

    By M. K. on 12/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Blub
    Comment : Super Geruch und Aroma! Von einer Pflanze 4 Monster Crops genommen, alles Harz-Bomben. Aufzucht war problemlos. Empfehlenswert.

    By S. M. on 08/Sep/2023 :

    Title : Growing beautiful
    Comment : My 1st grow

    By J. R. on 07/Aug/2023 :

    Title : Not a plant but a tree!
    Comment : This is only my second year growing, and I'm still learning. But I've gotta say Mother Gorilla is a beast! This plant has already hit 8' tall and still in veg, can't wait to see the final product! I will be ordering from Royal Queen seeds from now on!

    By H. H. on 04/Aug/2023 :

    Title : Massive yield
    Comment : This was the biggest grow I've ever done! I didn't even filter my hydro water and I neglected to train it properly and I STILL got amazing results! I will be buying this strain again!

    By B. M. on 03/Aug/2023 :

    Title : Hello!
    Comment : Très belle plante , faite en hydro (aquafarm), engrais Flora nova , voodoo Juice, big bud , bud candy . Tête hyper résineuse, des buds comme mon avant bras. Délicieuse à goût

    By N. G. on 25/Jul/2023 :

    Title : N. G.
    Comment : Ist wunderbar gekeimt 1/1 ist komplett ein anderer Phänotyp rausgekommen als oben beschrieben, die Buds ähneln einer GG#4 kann diesen Strain nur empfehlen hat nach Passionsfrucht gerochen und sehr fruchtig geschmeckt.

    By P. H. on 24/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Super
    Comment : Am heavily excited, not only because of the germination rate, because all 3 seeds have germinated, the growth under a Spider-Farmer SF 1000(100Watt, 2022 model) more than good, the flowers, of which there are really plenty, are amazingly thick, very resinous, the scent breathtaking. Royal Queen Seeds is really the best seedshop for me and I will only order here!

    By J. K. on 29/May/2023 :

    Title : Bgr
    Comment : Keimingsrate 80% mega Fette Buds robuste Pflanze sehr guter Ertrag und macht mega stoned kann ich jedem empfehlen

    By J. J. on 23/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Very good
    Comment : As good as advertised.

    By K. Š. on 08/Feb/2023 :

    Title : Cruorea
    Comment : Top product

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