Once upon a time the only place you good enjoy a legal spliff and a miniature coffee was in the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam. A trip to The Dam was a rite of passage for European stoners seeking to sample the finest cannabis in the world.

Even if prohibition was vigorously enforced in your home country, you could always use that EU passport to visit Amsterdam no questions asked.

In 2017 Amsterdam is no longer the exclusive paradise city for stoners to make a weed pilgrimage or enjoy a marijuana friendly holiday.

Canna-tourism is a brand new booming segment of the tourism industry, and more and more destinations are opening up as more US States and countries abandon criminalising weed and weed smokers.

Let’s take a closer look at the new emerging 420 focused holiday destinations for stoners. If these amazing smoke session locations don’t have you scrambling to pack a bag and hunting in drawers for your passport, it’s probably because you’re too high already and/or a lucky native of weed country.

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Colorado is the original weed state. Moreover, this lends it the advantage of having the longest established and arguably most tourist friendly cannabis industry. Denver is the place to celebrate 4/20 and this April 20th and 21st the city will be hosting the annual 420 Fest. The worst of the winter weather is over too.

The best thing about the Denver 420 Fest is it’s free to enter. The 420 Fest is an exceptional cannabis trade fair with a genuine party atmosphere. Dispensaries are all over the city and for the 420 celebration unique strains and house special concentrates will be available in limited supply.

Top Shelf 420 nuggs will set you back $25 per gram and 420 connoisseur grade concentrates can cost more than $100 per gram. Long lines outside popular dispensaries are almost unavoidable so catch an early flight to beat the afternoon stoner stampede.


California has just legalised recreational marijuana use, so there has never been a better time to visit the “Golden State”. Although the legal recreational cannabis industry is still in its infancy, this State is America’s cannabis farm and getting chronic is not difficult.

The best time to visit Sacramento or San Francisco is definitely this summer as the Nor-Cal High Times Cannabis Cup will be held on June 3rd & 4th in Santa Rosa. Although this is the 8th annual cup, this one will be the very first legal US cannabis cup.

A basic one-day entry ticket costs $50 and a no frill weekend pass is $90, so the event is really great value. Of course, premium tickets with all kinds of extra goodies and souvenirs can run into hundreds of dollars, but for $50 to spend a day in weed wonderland is a bargain.

As well as all kinds of specialist exhibitions, from cooking to dabbing, there is even a cannabis jobs fair so you can look into staying and starting a cannabis career that is provided the Trump regime doesn’t have you on some kind of round-up list or worse.

Planning and making the necessary arrangements for a Cannabis city break in the US is easy with dedicated 420 canna-tourism companies like Kush Tourism.

Everything from 420 friendly accommodation, transport, and cannabis-oriented activities can be booked online just like a square holiday, except these hotel rooms come with a complimentary vaporiser for the duration of your stay.

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Barcelona with its 400+ cannabis clubs is the new cannabis capital - not just of Spain but the whole of Europe. There’s never really a bad time to visit Barcelona but if you want to attend the biggest and best Spanish cannabis exposition you need to come in spring for Spannabis on March 10th, 11th, and 12th.

Spannabis has gone global, and virtually all the movers and shakers in the cannabis industry from fertiliser manufacturers to seed breeders will have a stand to showcase their latest products. Plus there is live music and a concert in the evenings.

One day tickets cost €19, and a three-day pass is available for €39, so Spannabis won’t break the bank, but it certainly will leave a lasting impression on you.

Accommodation should be booked well ahead of your trip as hotel rooms will be scarce in the run up to the event. 420 friendly advertised hotel rooms are hard to come by, so it will probably be sneaky spliffs on the balcony of a “Pension”.

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Use of cannabis is legal for medicinal and religious purposes, but that hasn’t prevented a ganja-based variant of the traditional B&B concept booming. Jamaica is developing a thriving canna-tourism trade with the Bud and Breakfast.

If the usual hot weather holiday destinations fail to excite the Caribbean is the cure you’ve been searching for. Great beaches, great weather, great herb and it’s all available year round.


For the most adventurous of stoner travellers with a bit of a Bear Grylls side, we recommend a trip to Alaska. If you want to get baked, connect with nature, and get away from people, we know the perfect place.

Valdez is a city in Alaska with a population of about 4,000. Located on the Pacific coast, actually by a fjord, and with almost year round freezing temperatures this is wild country.

Some 5 or 6 hours drive from Anchorage the city of Valdez is home to “Herbal Outfitters” the States first legal retail marijuana dispensary. At time of writing, there are three more cannabis dispensaries in the Fairbanks area too, so Alaska is really becoming a pretty cool place for stoners.

If the frozen tundra is not for you don’t worry. As marijuana becomes ever more mainstream, and recreational use becomes socially acceptable, pretty soon every hotel room will be 420 friendly. But for the time being, we have at least hooked you up with a few of the most fun stoner trips for the contemporary canna-tourist.


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