You’re probably already familiar with some of the existing cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Perhaps you’ve even experimented with some. But if you’re an ordinary decent cannabis user and not interested in playing Wall Street at home, well, they’re not really fit for purpose or advantageous to use. BitCanna, however, is coming to change cannabis payments for the better.

Ushering in a brave new world with a dedicated cryptocurrency, this coin was engineered specifically to provide a payment solution for the global cannabis community. Industry leaders from all parts of the cannabusiness supply chain—from seedbanks to dispensaries and all cannabis-related companies in between—are joining forces with BitCanna. Naturally, the world’s first groundbreaking cannabis coin will soon be accepted as a payment method at RQS.


Online shopping can be exhausting for cannabis consumers and a minefield for retailers. Sometimes it feels like an interrogation. You find yourself sharing far too much personal information and cutting through too much digital red tape. BitCanna brings this unpleasant online shopping experience to an end. You deserve an anonymous, streamlined shopping experience. With BitCanna, you can have it.

Making cannabis-related purchases through your bank account can cause all kinds of problems later for both you and the business you’re purchasing from. That’s provided the retailer is even able to accept payments through old-school online banking in the first place. Often, you find yourself choosing the least-worst payment option, such as taking the risk of sending cash or check in the post.

Wire transfers require a trip to the bank in person, where the sharing of further personal information and proof of identification will be demanded. As a result, your transaction is inevitably delayed and you must wait longer than expected for the products you desire. Not to mention, wire transfers often come with a host of fees.

The existing suite of common cryptocurrencies has too many barriers to entry, extensive fees, and was not designed to serve the cannabis industry specifically. That all changes with BitCanna.

Decentralized Payment Network


BitCanna eliminates the common problems associated with carrying out cannabis or cannabis-related transactions. The platform boasts a unique blockchain, near-instant transactions with no associated fees, and can actually assist you in finding the products you desire and even direct you to the dispensaries and retailers near your location. By utilising QR code technology, BitCanna can supply you with all the additional info and extra features for the product or service you are browsing—plus traceability from store to customer.

In addition to serving as a sleek payment solution with no middleman, BitCanna ensures the utmost integrity of the cannabis supply chain by integrating verifications and checks to guarantee quality. Furthermore, an internal reputation system allows users to rate businesses, facilitating honest and transparent operations on behalf of retailers. Essentially, businesses are held accountable for what they have to offer.

Online or offline in the “real world”, BitCanna is at your service. Quite simply, BitCanna is configured to do more than any other cryptocurrency can for the average cannabis user. BitCanna is your cannabis coin and your cannabis concierge.

As an industry-specific cryptocurrency, BitCanna provides users with the privacy and security you just can’t get from alternative payment systems. Even with the burgeoning legalization of cannabis around the world, customers still want to keep their transactions discreet and anonymous. This is easy with BitCanna.

Track And Trace Monitoring Functionalities


BitCanna offers three custom wallets for you to choose from. Beginners can get a feel for the platform and start shopping right away with the convenient Lite wallet. This wallet is free to download, easy to use, and accessed via private security key. With a Lite wallet, you can make POS transactions and send coins in an instant.

The BitCanna mobile wallet is bursting with cool features and sure to become a must-have app for cannabis users. Complete in-store payments and P2P transactions instantly with ease; get access to BitCanna maps so you can locate the closest dispensary and an expanding database of cannabis strains to help you decide what you want. And when you arrive at the dispensary, if you have registered your BitCanna ID, your smartphone can instantly verify your age and identity.

It doesn’t stop there; holding your smartphone over QR code barcodes will give you access to additional product info. And through a loyalty program, you can receive all kinds of rewards and freebies.

Finally, the node wallet is aimed at advanced users and those that want to become truly integrated with BitCanna. Sync your device with the blockchain and you can expect a 5–10% annual bonus on your coin stake. Run a master node and you can receive next-level master node rewards and bonuses.

Trust And Reputation


BitCanna doesn’t follow the banker’s business model, treating users like another profit centre—nor is it a digital security to be traded like Bitcoin. Instead, you can expect to be rewarded for joining the platform and using BitCanna. The old ways of doing business don’t work for the global cannabis industry. Join the BitCanna payment revolution and start using the coin of the international cannabis community today.

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