Sativa varieties are prized for their huge sizes and bountiful yields, but this impressive productivity usually comes with a trade-off. Growers require the virtue of patience whilst waiting for these tree-like organisms to bloom. This, of course, makes sense. The bigger the yield, the more time it takes to develop and mature.

The cannabis world is a diverse place. There are always outlier cultivars that break the mould and offer something different. Power Flower is one of these genetic anomalies. This towering sativa produces substantial yields whilst boasting brevity. Let’s get to know her.


Power Flower's genetics originate in South Africa, a land famed for its potent sativa landrace stock. These genetics found their way to the west in the satchels of adventurous strain hunters from The Netherlands.

The Dutch have played a major role in shaping the cannabis world in Europe and beyond. The introduction of South African sativas into the gene pool is no exception. During the ‘90s, a group of Dutchmen with a hunger for new genetics and an eye for quality descended onto the rugged landscape of South Africa. Here they discovered native Dagga.

Dagga—the Afrikaans word for cannabis—thrives in the humid ravines and plateaus in rural regions of South Africa. Natural selection and adaption led to the rise of tall sativa varieties. Dutch pot pioneers were impressed with what they saw, pocketed some seeds, and returned home with fresh genetics.

After rigorous breeding and experimentation, the group produced Power Flower. This sativa-dominant cultivar features 88% sativa genetics and only 12% of indica. The strain was released onto the cannabis scene of Amsterdam, where it impressed smokers from around the world.


As a sativa-dominant strain, you’d be right in thinking that the high is on the lively side. A few hits from these resinous flowers is all it takes to light up the mind. THC hitches a ride in the bloodstream and swiftly penetrates the blood-brain barrier. Once inside, a firework show of neurochemistry sets ablaze. The psychoactive molecule binds to CB1 receptors, catalysing a cascade of dopamine and serotonin. As the brain bathes in this soup of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, users will detect a feeling of euphoria take hold.

As you can imagine, Power Flower is a motivating cultivar that inspires creativity. She’s a superb daytime smoke before heading to work or engaging in artistic projects. Smoking these buds in the morning with a side of espresso will set you up for a productive day. A THC content of 19% dictates a fast-acting high that lingers for hours.

Power Flower also offers therapeutic value. These mood-boosting effects serve as a shield against anxiety and effortlessly bat away stress and worry. Medium quantities of CBD also contribute towards these feel-good effects.


Sticking your nose in a stash jar of Power Flower will transport your consciousness to the forest. Close your eyes and allow images of moss-laden ground, proud pines and waving canopies occupy the mind. The terpene profile generated by these flowers produces distinct scents of earthiness, citrus and conifers. These natural notes satisfy the inner hippy and leave you pining for walks in the woods.

Power Flower by Royal Queen Seeds

Power Flower

Power Flower Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background South African Sativas
Yield indoor 500 - 550 g/m2
Height indoor 80 - 120 cm
Flowering time 8 - 9 weeks
THC strength THC: 19% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 88% Sativa, 12% Indica
Yield outdoor 500 - 550 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 160 - 200 cm
Harvest time October
Effect Strong up high

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Dutch strain hunters realised the value of their endeavours when witnessing this strain flower for the first time. Power Flower goes against the grain of traditional sativa traits. Like most sativa cultivars, she produces a large yield and ascends to an impressive height. What sets her apart from the rest is the speed at which she does this. After initiating flowering, growers will only need to wait around 8 weeks before they can begin harvesting.

Power Flower produces impressive results indoors and outdoors and favours a mild climate. Plants cultivated indoors need a reasonable amount of space and can climb to a maximum height of 120cm. They put out rewarding yields of up to 550g/m².

Plants grown outdoors in containers or garden beds soar to a height of up to 200cm and produce a yield of approximately 550g per plant. Be ready to harvest your crop during the month of October.

A true legend in the cannabis world, Power Flower has it all—an inviting flavour and aroma profile, energising high and significant yields that she offers within a short period of time. She will definitely appeal to all the sativa enthusiasts out there and is certain to leave any smoker gratified and longing for more.

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