Perhaps you've seen brilliant purple bud. Perhaps you've even accidentally grown it. Now, you'd like to do it on purpose. Here is the ultimate guide to making your bud glow with that unique purple hue.


Many people, mistakenly, believe that the best way to turn cannabis purple is to metaphorically help it hold its breathe. Depriving the plant of oxygen, carbon dioxide or any other gas will not increase the chance for purple buds. Also, increasing the nitrogen load will not change the color unless it burns the plant to a crispy shade of brown.

There are other, less popular methods, that are also not very profitable. Although it may work, we do not recommend using food coloring to dye your plant. Further, you cannot change the color of the plant by talking, singing or yelling at it. Finally, the color is not dependent on the light cycle, the amount of water or the growth medium used.

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Having said all of this, the advantages of growing purple bud are worth the extra work. There is an easy way to ensure that the pot you grow takes the unique color you desire. Simply follow this step-by-step method to get the beautiful pot of your dreams.

Step 1: Select the Correct Cannabis Seeds

The first step to getting purple bud is selecting the correct seed. In order to turn purple, your plant must be high in anthocyanin. This is the same pigment that makes eggplant and blueberries purple. Examples of strains that are high in anthocyanin are Purple Queen, Blue Mystic, Blue Cheese, Haze Berry, Northern Light Automatic and Bluematic.

Step 2: Create the Correct Temperature

The next step is to create the correct temperature. Anthocyanin is typically hidden by the stronger pigments in chlorophyll. During the fall months, however, the green pigments break down. This causes the anthocyanin to come out. In other strains, it can cause yellow, gold or blue pigments to come out.

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During the flowering stage, turn the temperature down during the night cycle. It should sit below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius. The bud should begin to purple about two weeks before harvest.

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Vibrant purple colours, pungent pine-fuel aromas, and a deeply penetrating, physically stoned effect are to be expected from Purple Queen.

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