The world of cannabis growing isn’t the same as it was decades ago. With ever-more relaxed marijuana laws in many countries, the fact that folks can grow some good herb on their own is slowly entering the mainstream consciousness. Growers today can find a big selection of things available that make it easy to grow even top-shelf bud without fuss! Here is a list of some extra cool and particularly useful gadgets that help you grow cannabis!


You want to go somewhere over the weekend but your plants need to be watered while you’re out and about? Worry no more! The “water from a stone" watering globes are cool because they will do the job without requiring any fancy-schmanzy tech. These pretty globes release just the right amount of water for up to four days. Just put one of them in each plant container and your girls will get what they need and you can relax, knowing they will be fine when you’re back!

Water from a Stone Globe


You can get a “standard” pH meter for a few bucks online, like on eBay or on other places. The problem with these cheap pH meters however is that they won’t last long, if they even work right at all! One of the best investments that you can make as a grower is when you get a quality pH meter like the ones from Bluelab. This particular model has the added (and major!) benefit that it also measures TDS, which means it tells you about the correct amount of nutrients! The Bluelab meters are known for their high quality, great customer support and good warranty.

High-quality Ph/tds Combo Meter


A jeweller’s loupe or one of those tiny microscopes from eBay may be useful, but nothing really beats this macro lens for your smartphone! Being able to quickly take a magnified picture of your plants can be very helpful in so many ways. The macro lens is ideal if you want to do a “professional” check on your trichomes to see if your precious plants are ready for harvest. It is also super helpful should you come across some unknown bug or other nasty where you would need help from other growers to identify it. Simply take a picture with your phone and share it on your favourite grower forum!

Smartphone Macro Lens


This is one of these high-tech growing gadgets which is really quite useful. The Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor looks like a cross between an alien egg and a golf club. Put it in your plants’ soil and it measures moisture, temperature and even light intensity. It will feed this data right into your phone and can send you an email so you will always know what’s up with your girls! It tells you when you need to water, adjust your lights or when it gets too hot or too cold for them. The device comes with an app for your phone but you can also check your plants’ status from a web app. It’s not so advanced yet that it goes around and actually grows your plants for you, but for what it does it’s actually pretty neat and it doesn’t cost too much either!

Koubachi Wi-fi Plant Sensor


These cool looking LED Grow Light Room Glasses fit several purposes which makes them quite useful. They protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV light that some LED grow lights may emit. If you happen to grow with any of those purple LEDs, these shades help that you can see your plants in their real colour which can be incredibly useful by itself. And last but not least, they also make you look really cool. Unlike some other brands of grow room glasses out there that cost a silly amount of money, these are actually very affordable!

Led Grow Light Room Glasses


The Leaf” is a very nice high-tech grow-box that “automatically grows your plants and is controlled by your smartphone”. The Leaf is a complete grow system that sort of does look like a mini fridge and it incorporates virtually everything to grow some top bud, like LED lighting, O2 enrichment, air control, automated hydro watering system, HD camera and even automated nutrient dosing and a lot more fanciness! This grow-box is made for growers of all experience levels. New growers don’t need to worry about a thing because The Leaf will take care of everything and experienced growers will love how they can control the system from their phone!

The company says that they plan to sell the Leaf “this fall” and right now there doesn’t seem to be a price known yet, but this one is without a doubt worth keeping an eye on it!

“the Leaf” Growbox


The Loop Greenhouse Water Saving Gadget is an incredibly ingenious gadget for anyone who grows their girls in a greenhouse. The issue with greenhouses is that they can be very humid due to water being evaporated and transpired by the plants. The Loop saves water because it condenses moisture from the air and returns it back to the soil for the plants to use. This means you get multiple benefits with the Loop, like a better climate for your plants that’s not too humid, a smaller risk for mould and fungus to grow and less watering required!

Did you like our list of gadgets to grow cannabis? Maybe you know of other, great gadgets that can help with growing? Feel free to share your tips with our readers!



The Feminized Starter Kit ensures your seeds get the best head-start in life! This simple yet effective kit includes a tray of Easy Start seedling pots, Propagator Pro, some perlite, and enough lighting to start your grow. Plus, it includes a packet of Bacto, a beneficial bacteria mix that's been designed to encourage robust seedling growth. You don’t even need your own seeds as the package comes with 3 RQS Critical feminized seeds. With the Feminized Starter Kit, you get everything you need to begin your grow operation with confidence. Once the seedlings have reached a few centimetres tall, they are ready to move from the Starter Kit into your final growing medium of choice.


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