After a person smokes Somango, they will begin to experience the high extremely fast. A feeling of clarity and calm will be felt. However, the high will never cause a person to feel tired or sluggish. This is an ideal strain to use if you need to drown out some various distractions in your life and start to focus on some particular tasks you need to accomplish. The high from Somango would certainly qualify as strong. For the vast majority of people, it will remain for a few hours. This is because it is 18 percent THC. If you need to gain some inspiration for some creative projects, this is the strain you should use.

There was a demand for a plant that had the ability to produce a high that would resemble a state of euphoria without making the person feel lethargic later on. It was in this quest to find such a plant that the Somango strain was born. A pair of extremely robust and productive plants, Critical 47 and Somango, were bred together in an attempt to create the desired plant. The hybrid that was the eventual result of this breeding has been through a large amount of testing. Ever since it has become easier to obtain, this seed has gained a stellar reputation among those who have experienced and enjoyed the high it provides.

There is a genetic blend of 75 percent indica and 25 percent sativa contained in the feminized version of Somango. The reason a person experiences the high so quickly is because of the dominant amount of indica. The plant is able to remain elegant and beautiful while also growing in a shape that is condensed. If it is grown inside, it will eventually reach 100 centimeters tall at its maximum. This makes it a nice choice for people who want a plant that is small. If it is allowed to grow outside, it will be able to grow as high as 200 centimeters. The plants has many branches where buds begin to form. These buds are coated with crystals on plants that are mature.

On the average, the Somango plant will require roughly nine weeks for it to grow to its complete flowering potential. There are people who have discovered the plant is able to be harvested as soon as eight weeks after it was planted. It the plant is being grown outside, the end of September is when the harvesting should be done.

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If you grow the plant inside with the right amount of humidity control, nutrients and water, the amount you can expect to harvest is 575 grams per plant dried. However, this amount will increase to 600 grams per plant dried if grown outside.

Somango has been praised by lots of people as ideal for both experienced and new growers alike. It has the reputation of being very simple to maintain. However, the fact that it grows in a compact manner and produces large buds produces a sizeable amount of foliage that needs to be regularly cared for. By paying special attention to the amount of humidity in the plant's environment, mold will be prevented from growing. It will also ensure the plant remains healthy and keeps producing excellent buds for a long time.

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It has been hailed by many as a great plant for new growers as well as seasoned ones. The plant is quite hardy and is widely considered to be quite easy to maintain.

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