Cannabis Liberation Day is a heartfelt festival celebrating everything to do with international cannabis culture. Understandably, we at Royal Queen Seeds couldn’t miss out. We even won some awards!

Without a doubt, Cannabis Liberation Day is the biggest cannabis and hemp festival to take place in The Netherlands. It draws in tokers from across the globe to celebrate all things cannabis at one of Amsterdam’s greenest parks - Flevopark. The festival plays host to a number activities and events, including live music performances, a cannabis-based film festival, theatre, a bustling market, and intellectual lectures and debates.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, we at Royal Queen Seeds decided to head down for the day, to take part and get to know some of the people who make us what we are – namely you, our customers. We set up a stand and met a lot of very interesting and varied people, from all walks of life - we certainly made a lot of new friends and contacts. The entire day was great fun, and if you have never been to Cannabis Liberation Day, we highly recommend checking it out next year!

Also hosted during the festival was the Highlife Cannabis Cup, and we are proud to say we won some awards! Namely, 1st and 3rd prize in the medical category. Our award winning cannabis seeds were:

1st place - Euphoria (8.4% CBD & 9%THC) with 383.5 points

Thanks to its high CBD content and a masterful blended genetics, Euphoria is not a strain that will drag you down. Quite the opposite, its smooth and subtle smoke will ease throughout your body and lift it up with a revitalising energy. As it uplifts, it also supports, relieving pain and helping manage the many ailments that are thought to benefit from both CBD and THC. This combination makes it ideal for those looking for a powerful medical strain that will still allow you to go about your daily activities. It is the reason it won 1st place!

3rd place - Medical Mass (7.4% CBD 7% THC) with 372.5 points

Medical Mass is a hybrid strain of cannabis that focuses on helping people get on with their lives, instead of inducing a potent psychoactive high. The perfectly balanced THC/CBD content ensures that medical users can savour a fantastic smoke, without it getting in the way of their day. Hit after hit, Medical Mass has the power to support where other strains would fail.

All in all, Cannabis Liberation Days was some of the best fun we have ever had a cannabis festival. The great music, friendly, happy people, and all round amazing vibe make it a must-visit event. We hope to see you there next year!

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