With recent legislation that has surrounded the legalization of marijuana, much has been questioned in terms of what medical effects this drug actually has. With the amount of medical research that has been put into marijuana, it has been shown to help with a variety of medical conditions, ranging from cancer patients going through chemotherapy, to HIV patients who have to deal with a lifelong battle with a vicious disease. In case you are still debating the positive effects that marijuana can have as a medical treatment, here is some further information for you to consider. 

Pain Relief

For some HIV patients, their daily regimen includes taking handfuls of pills that they hope will regulate the pain that they have. Many of these prescription drugs include opiates that can be harmful on certain organs in the body. Furthermore, while these prescription drugs may help with some symptoms, they don’t seem to be as helpful as marijuana as a substitute.

Ronald J. Ellis, M.D., Ph.D. is a neuroscience professor at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. Dr. Ellis looked into 28 patients who were using prescriptions, typically opiates, as pain relief medication and their results. His findings found that there was a 30 percent decrease in pain for those smoking marijuana, instead of those smoking a placebo. When the marijuana was combined with the prescription medication, the benefits for pain reduction were even greater.
Cannabis and Aids/HIV


Improved Immune Function

There are plenty of jokes going around about getting the munchies after smoking marijuana. However, this stereotype may not be such a bad thing for patients who are suffering with HIV. Referring back to the medications listed in the previous section of this content, many of those drugs have negative effects on eating habits and the hunger of HIV patients. Furthermore, the immune system as a whole is weaker with HIV, therefore making it harder to gain and maintain healthy weight.

Lynn Zimmer, Ph. D. is the doctor and author behind Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts, a book that looks into common misperceptions about using cannabis for medical purposes. When his studies looked into the effects of marijuana on HIV patients, he found that marijuana did not seem to be unsafe in HIV patients, especially in CD4 and CD8 cell counts. These RNA levels allowed the patients to gain, on average, four or more pounds in their clinical tests.

Positive Outlook
Finding out that you are HIV positive is probably something that you can only comprehend the pain when it actually happens to you. Having to change your entire lifestyle, starting new medical treatments and telling those around you are all tasks that are never easy and can lead to plenty of frustration and even depression. While marijuana cannot permanently cure all of the problems, it should also be said that marijuana can have positive effects on a persons mood and outlook on things. Cannabis is a major industry now and has been created, tested and delivered in a variety of different ways. Even if you do not want to smoke, you can find edible cannabis. And you can also find cannabis that will affect your mood depending on the type of high that you are looking for with either a sativa or an indica blend. Instead of the numbing and dulling effects of opiates and other drugs, marijuana can give new life to an HIV patient.
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Marijuana has gone through years of debatable reform. But as research becomes more advanced and scientist look more into the effects, cannabis is proving to be a life saving plant, instead of a delinquent inhibiting drug. If you are an HIV patient who is not completely satisfied with your current medical prescriptions, consider adding marijuana to your regimine. 

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