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  • How To Make Cannabis Infused Olive Oil

    Today we have a quick and easy recipe to infuse some olive oil with the power of cannabis – making for a versatile and worthwhile cooking ingredient.

  • How to Avoid Getting Busted For Having THC in Your System

    Ever looked in the eye of a police officer who suspects you of having something to do with weed? Being focused, friendly, and educated can help you to avoid legal trouble.
  • Canada to Become the First G7 Nation to Legalize

    Justin Trudeau, his liberal party, and many Canadian cannabis experts are of the opinion that Canada’s current system of marijuana prohibition is not effective.

  • The Year 2015 – Twelve Months Closer to Smoking Legal Weed

    Annual reviews are usually boring and quiet disillusioning. Not this one! The year 2015 was full of meaningful news for interested cannabis connoisseurs and potheads.
  • Cannabis in Macedonia

    In the Republic of Macedonia, cannabis has been used and cultivated since the days of ancient Greece.
  • Cannabis in Lebanon

    Cannabis is a rich species of plant that offers a wealth of possibilities when you look across the globe.

  • Cannabis in Japan

    Legislation only permits cultivation in Japan. This means that only strictly licensed holders may grow and possess cannabis.

  • Cannabis in Jamaica

    If I were to ask you what you knew about Jamaica, you'd likely bring up Reggae music, Bob Marley, and marijuana. That's because Jamaica's has no shame in proudly showing their love for cannabis.

  • Cannabis in Israel

    The Israeli cannabis situation is a complex one — if you're in the Holy Land and need some of the reefer, you'll want to read the tips included in this article.
  • Cannabis in Nepal

    In Nepal, cannabis was legal up until the 1970's, and there were legal hashish shops everywhere. 1973 was the last year individuals could legally smoke cannabis in Nepal.

  • Cannabis in Mexico

    Several bill proposals are looking to change the way Mexico's legal system handles marijuana.

  • Cannabis in Malaysia

    Malaysia is not a recommended vacation spot for cannabis users. Due to its controversial history with cannabis, it is actually recommended not to use cannabis while vacationing in Malaysia.

  • Cannabis in Macedonia

    In the Republic of Macedonia, cannabis has been used and cultivated since the days of ancient Greece.

  • Cannabis in Honduras

    If you plan on traveling or visiting Honduras, you may be wondering where to purchase Cannabis in the country.

  • Cannabis in Ethiopia

    Notwithstanding generations of worldwide cannabis prohibition and harsher punitive action, we do not see an aversion to the substance in most areas of the world.

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