By Steven Voser

However marijuana is illegal there, so be very careful when traveling. Policemen are strict; if they find you with weed they will send you to jail regardless of how much you have. Knowledge is power, so here you will find helpful information on the strains, quality and prices of weed in Dominica.

Cannabis in Dominica

The cannabis in Dominica is known to be high in quality. This is due to the great climate that allows for easy growing and harvesting. Since Dominica is a mass producing country, you can expect to enjoy the great quality of their weed while you are there. One thing to always remember is that you need to be very cautious. It is better to be safe than sorry in a country where the smallest amount can land you in prison for a very long time. The police department there does not play, but rumor has it that they are a bit corrupt. If you find yourself in trouble, you can try to offer a good amount of money secretly to the policeman. Some officers will let you off or at least go easy on you.

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The Price of Cannabis in Dominica

Although prices are not easily available for weed in this country, there are rough estimates you can go by. For low quality cannabis prices average about $50.00 an ounce. Medium quality costs about $150.00 an ounce. An ounce of high quality weed can cost $500.00. When getting a delivery, it is better to work directly with the seller and cut out the middle man. The more people involved in the deal the more dangerous the transaction. This raises your chances of getting into trouble.

The Quality of Cannabis in Dominica

The quality of weed in Dominica is generally very high. Depending on who you get it from, you can get a very smooth buzz that leads into a full body high with most strains. It is better to get weed from someone you know in Dominica since some sellers will try and mess with it for higher profits. If you appear to be inexperienced they will not sell you the good stuff. For this reason it is important to know what to ask for, and deal with people you know. Going with a local also helps build up your credibility.

Cannabis Strains from Dominica

There are many different strains of weed to enjoy. Some of the local preferences include Jurassic Haze, Train wreck and Sour Diesel; they all have a very strong smell and taste. If you ask around, some of the islanders favour the strains that have a fruity smell and taste such as Pineapple Kush, Lemon Shining Silver Haze, and the nationally known Blueberry. If you are feeling a bit adventurous you can always try the Carli Hash Plant and Green Crack, both of which are very strong so you will need to use with caution!

No matter where your travels may lead you, it is always nice to know you will enjoy some nice weed. Dominica holds this promise, but as always you need to exercise caution. You can enjoy high grade weed and mingle with the locals who can also give you some tips on the best ways to score the good stuff!

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