By Adam Parsons

Jamaica relationship with cannabis rooted in the country's Rastafarian population who use cannabis religiously. This is all about cannabis in Jamaica.

The price of cannabis in Jamaica

The price of cannabis in Jamaica is interesting because Jamaica has always had a reputation for being a chilled out, relaxed, and laid back country covered in fields of marijuana plants. Jamaican's are routinely depicted in media and television wearing Rastafarian colours being followed around by a big cloud of pot smoke. It might seem funny to think that "it's practically free in Jamaica because cannabis grows like weeds out there in the fields", but laugh as you may, that doesn't mean it isn't true.

You will be shocked to know that some of the highest quality cannabis goes for less than five dollars an ounce. You read that right, five dollars an ounce. I'll save you the time pulling out a calculator and tell you that it comes out to seventeen cents a gram. You could get an eighth of an ounce for than three quarters.

Cannabis in Jamaica

However despite what you think, cannabis is not 100% legal in Jamaica. It wasn't until as recent as June of 2014 that Jamaican announced it would decriminalize cannabis for all religious purposes, medical research and use, as well as possession of anything under two ounces. Even with this recent legislation it is still illegal to grow and cultivate cannabis in Jamaica. Day to day, the Jamaican law enforcement doesn't particularly care about casual cannabis users, focused on large scale illegal production.

The Quality of cannabis in Jamaica is infamous world wide for being cannabis hot spot. Jamaica is with pro-cannabis places like Amsterdam and San Francisco. It's a no brainer Jamaica is home to some of the finest quality cannabis around. Jamaica has the advantage of being in the Caribbean creating near perfect conditions for growing generations of outdoor plants. Seeds, equipment, and more can be found at Royal Queen Seeds.

Cannabis strains from Jamaica

Here are a couple of my favourite cannabis strains from Jamaica

-Jamaican Lambsbred (Power Flower) - A smooth and soothing smoke said to be the personal favourite of the famous activist and musician Bob Marley. Authentic Lab Tested Cannabis Seeds and more available at Royal Queen Seeds.

-Fruit Spirit - Notorious outdoor Sativa perfect for inspiring an afternoon of creativity, song writing, and other artistic activities. Authentic Lab Tested Cannabis Seeds and more available at Royal Queen Seeds.

-Haze Berry - Sweet Sativa with a hint of earthy undertones that will blow your mind! Authentic Lab Tested Cannabis Seeds and more available at Royal Queen Seeds.

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