By Steven Voser

Although we bear witness to increased usage of cannabis in places like New Zealand, Australia and various parts of Asia, we also see an overall consistency or even a decrease in its use in other geographic or ethnic populations. Ethiopia, where its use is on the rise, is an ancient area of Africa in which the labour force is 85% agricultural which in turn makes up a large part of the GDP.

There seems to be an increase in the cultivation of marijuana in Ethiopia but it does not give the impression that it is widely traded between Ethiopians or others on the Black Market. Instead Cannabis is generally used by the locals, who plant it in the highlands-areas that are barely accessible. This provides protection against law enforcement and others who may seek to confiscate the crop. They use it for recreational purposes, traditional medicinal reasons (as Ethiopians have been using it for centuries) or for religious ceremonies of the native Rastafarians.

The most significant legal concern regarding cannabis in Ethiopia is logistical. Its airport remains a thruway for drug-traffickers whose intentions are to deliver their product elsewhere in the world.
Haze Berry Feminized Cannabis Strains

The Price of Cannabis in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia cannabis is sold by weight in grams, as we might expect any country other than the United States would, and the typical amount sold is 40-50 grams at a rate of $0.10-$0.40 per gram. The average consumer would spend between $4 (U.S.) and $20 for a typical amount of cannabis in Ethiopia.

The Quality of Cannabis in Ethiopia

The cannabis cultivated in Ethiopia thrives well outdoors with prolonged summer-like weather conditions, flowering in about 42 days. It is potent and its effects can be felt quite quickly by its users; yet this type of cannabis maintains clarity of thought while providing the user with that “Get up and go!” motivation. In addition to its unique ability to calm while providing that energetic burst of enthusiasm, there seem to be no detrimental effects. The high is euphoric and freeing while calming anxiety and not causing it as some strains of marijuana are apt to do.

Cannabis Strains from Ethiopia

The prevalent strains of cannabis from Ethiopia appears to be its Highland strain (Ethiopian Highland), Haze Berry, Pineapple Kush and Blue Cheese. It has several medicinal purposes and it has never been crossed to produce other strains. Its purity is subsequently consistent, its potency virtually unchanged from one harvest to the next. The desired outcome can be achieved dependably which is of particular importance to the medicinal marijuana patient. Marijuana prohibition remains intact throughout most of the world and acquiring consistency in dosage for a patient becomes a problem since it is up to us to determine how much of the cannabis plant should be added to our edibles. Inconsistence causes both overdose and under-dose potential.

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