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By RQS Editorial Team

Cannabis In Argentina

Argentina is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to its laws on cannabis. Back in 2009, the Supreme Court of the country ruled that it was illegal for the government of Argentina to impose laws that result in restricting personal lifestyle choices for its citizens. Based on that, it was decreed that possession of small amounts of marijuana is legal, provided that the weight of the cannabis is less than five grams and that it is intended for personal use and consumed privately.

The Price Of Cannabis In Argentina

Like most countries, the price of cannabis in Argentina varies depending on the quality of the bud being sold. If purchasing the brown, heavily seeded, and bricked weed that most street dealers sell, expect to get a great deal: about 20 U.S. dollars will get about 40 grams. If you are buying from a grower, expect very high quality bud. You will likely end up paying slightly higher than average prices for it as a tourist than you would in your own country, but 25 U.S. dollars for one gram of cannabis grown in the lush outdoors of this country is well worth it.

Power Bud Strain
The Quality Of Cannabis In Argentina

Much of what is sold in Argentina on the street has been smuggled in from Paraguay in bricks, so expect it be similar to smuggled products in your own country. If this is the type of cannabis you think you might have purchased, it is fairly easy to identify: brown or tan in color, lots of seeds embedded in the buds, and numerous small stems and thicker branches laced throughout the bud. It will get you high, but this level of quality often produces headaches, tiredness, and a general feeling of grogginess for the smoker. It is highly recommended that you, if you can find it, purchase some cannabis that has been locally grown by experienced gardeners. By being friendly and expressing interest in finding "good smoke", there is a very good chance that some understanding locals will point you in the right direction.

Cannabis Strains From Argentina

Because Argentina has a spectacular climate for growing outdoors, there are many strains of cannabis that can reach their full potential when grown there. Sativa strains are truly spectacular when grown outside, so keep an eye out for the following great varieties.

Northern Light
Royal Moby
Power Flower

Indicas are quite spectacular, too. Expect to find some of these good varieties on your travels in Argentina.

Royal Caramel
Bubble Kush

The marijuana culture in Argentina is fantastic. After aquiring some cannabis, find a good beach, light up, and enjoy.

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