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Ever wondered how heavy the world’s biggest joint was, or what the tallest weed plant looked like? If so, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll cover some of the most ludicrous, shocking, and downright impressive records in the world of cannabis.

10 World Record-Breaking Feats Involving Cannabis

Whether you consider yourself well-versed in weed trivia or a complete newbie to the marijuana community, prepare to be shocked as we highlight the most intriguing cannabis world records.

1. The World’s Strongest Strain

While the battle for the world’s strongest strain constantly rages on, the current title holder (since 2016) is Chiquita Banana. Bred by Utopia Farms, this 33% THC specimen fuses the iconic OG Kush with Banana. This flavourful and wildly strong strain delivers a euphoric indica-leaning effect that makes it highly sought after by users seeking a potent but wholesome high. Though we can’t say for how long Chiquita Banana will retain this top honour, she will forever be appreciated for helping to bring the cannabis experience to unprecedented heights.

Cannabis World Record Strongest Strain

2. The World’s Biggest Edible Brownie

Does size matter? To the creators of the world’s biggest edible brownie, we’d have to say: yes! A Massachusetts-based cannabis company made history when it decided to create what would become the world’s biggest weed brownie ever. And while the Guinness World Records wouldn’t verify the THC-filled chocolate treat due to their cannabis-averse policies, the beast was said to contain a whopping 20,000mg of THC—not to mention over 1,300 eggs and 36kg of flour! When all was said and done, the “brownie” clocked in at a massive 3 feet (91cm) wide and 3 feet long, and weighed around 385kg. How much of this massive treat do you think you could chomp down in one sitting?

3. The World’s Largest Joint

Speaking of size, what about the world’s largest joint? Surely it can’t be that big? Well, it depends on your standards, but we think 29 feet (8.8m) in length is worthy of some appreciation. And coming in at a staggering 63 pounds (28.6kg), we’d like to hear from any stoner who thinks they could create something bigger! This massive accomplishment culminated in a giant smoke sesh on 4/20 in Vancouver, Canada. Canada may be known for being less ostentatious than their sister country to the south, but this massive joint is proof that Canadians can push the boat out when it comes to creativity and, of course, cannabis. The secret to their success? High-quality papers and high-quality bud.

Cannabis World Record Largest Joint

4. The World’s Oldest Record of Cannabis Use

Many of us are aware that cannabis’ early use spans back into antiquity, but just how long are we talking? Well, according to scientists, a large amount of cannabis and smoking paraphernalia was unearthed in the Xinjiang province in western China, which was found to date back to 500 BCE—well over 2,500 years ago. And this is just what we know for sure—other scientists suggest that the earliest use of cannabis dates back even further, to Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (8800–6500 BCE), though the evidence supporting this is more scarce. So even though we may be centuries apart, humans have been enjoying the herb throughout all manner of historical events and cultural shifts. Now, the question is, for how long into the future will we continue to enjoy the herb?!

5. The World’s Tallest Cannabis Plant

Cannabis has been selectively bred over the years to suit the growing environments of modern cultivators, resulting in compact cultivars of well under 3m in height. That said, cannabis and hemp have the potential to grow much taller, depending on the type of cultivar and the conditions in which it’s grown. Bringing the plant to new heights is a team in, where else, sunny California. Though the Guinness World Records once again refused to verify the achievement, on a special day in September 2021, the county department of agriculture certified that a single hemp plant topped out at an amazing 24 feet and 1 inch (over 7.3m)! This spindly sight is truly incredible to behold and represents the vast potential of this amazing plant.

Cannabis World Record Tallest Cannabis Plant

6. The World’s Largest Cannabis Company

Cannabis is big business, and it continues to stimulate the economy in regions around the world. With an estimated global market size of $16.7 billion in 2022, surely some companies must be making bank. Well, that certainly seems to be the case for Green Thumb Industries, the current largest cannabis company by market cap (1.7 billion). And with an annual revenue of around 1 billion, GTI’s influence only continues to grow. With headquarters in Edmonton, Canada, GTI employs 2,300 workers and owns a variety of successful cannabis product brands. But with other corporations in tow, for how long will Green Thumb continue to hold the number one spot?

7. The World’s Most Prolific Weed Smoker

Strangely, despite their general aversion to cannabis-based records, the Guinness World Records did in fact verify the title holder for “most marijuana consumed”. The year was 2014, and longtime medical marijuana patient Irvin Rosenfeld showed evidence of smoking over 115,000 joints. He was able to prove this feat as he is the longest survivor to be part of the US federal medical marijuana program. For well over three decades, Rosenfeld received 10 medical weed joints in an attempt to ease conditions surrounding a bone tumour disorder. As Rosenfeld himself states: “I am the longest surviving of the final four Federal Medical Cannabis patients in the United States”. Now we just need to see some updated figures to see where he’s at now!

8. The World’s Biggest Hotbox Session

Hotboxing is a time-honoured tradition among stoners—one that sees a group of mates seal themselves up in an enclosed space, creating lots of cannabis smoke in order to get everyone super high. Bathrooms, parked cars, and small rooms are popular options. Perhaps you have some ideas about the scale of the world’s largest hotbox session, but the following figures are sure to exceed your expectations. It all went down at Spannabis in 2016, with a group of brave attendants filling a room with 800 grams of cannabis concentrate vapor using pots and pans! If you had the chance, would you have been in attendance?

9. The World’s Longest Joint

We’ve covered the world’s largest joint by mass, but now it’s time to talk about length. With a massive reach of 98.4 feet (30m) and a still impressive 2.2 pounds (1kg) of plant matter, it took 40 dedicated individuals to put this massive jay together. With a deadline on the stoner holiday of 4/20, the team managed to do something no one else had before. Though it was completed in sections before being assembled into one long unit, the final product was no less impressive. We wonder how many hits it would take to finish one…

Cannabis World Record Longest Joint

10. The World’s Largest Dab

Dabs. Some stoners love them, others are more apprehensive. Regardless of what side of the dabbing fence you’re on, we can all agree that inhaling even a small amount of cannabis concentrate makes for an extremely potent and pure cannabis experience. When it comes to the world’s largest dab, over 400 grams of concentrate went up in smoke. Enjoyed in the style of a hotbox, Dabstars and Dank Dabber took to Seattle in 2015 to carry out the largest skillet dab on heated titanium. Before this achievement, the current record was a “mere” 90 grams.

Ready to Break Cannabis World Records?

There you have it! We’d have a hard time believing that at least one of these weed world records didn’t drop your jaw just a bit. Are you inspired to take things even further with even longer joints, bigger edibles, or want to set out to achieve your own cannabis record? Well, get out there and challenge yourself to exceed expectations and achieve new milestones in the cannabis community.

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