By Luke Sumpter

It can be hard to maintain energy throughout the day, especially if you have a busy work schedule. Lack of sleep can make things particularly difficult. Even if you have a good sleeping routine, exercise regularly, and eat well, mentally challenging tasks at work can still induce fatigue. Many people turn to stimulants such as coffee for an energy boost in the morning and during the inevitable post-lunch crash. Although these substances work great in the short-term, they usually leave people feeling burnt out and exhausted at the end of a long day.

Cannabis is another excellent tool that can be used throughout the day to increase energy, boost focus, and generate creative ideas. Unlike coffee, cannabis doesn’t cause a huge crash when the effects begin to wear off. What’s more, cannabis can increase work performance by significantly increasing mood and changing thought patterns. The herb can help you look at problems and tasks from a different angle, helping you complete them to a higher standard.

Cannabis is often associated with sedation, red eyes, and couch-lock. This is true for heavy indica strains, but sativa strains tend to stimulate and energise. They can be used throughout the day to keep the cogs of the mind turning effortlessly.

Below are 5 of the best strains for daytime use.

1. Royal Jack

Royal Jack was created when Royal Queen Seeds bred legendary sativa Jack Herer with a hardy ruderalis variety. This cross transferred Herer’s energising genetics into the autoflowering world, making them easily accessible to beginner growers. Royal Jack inherited rich scents and flavours of earth, pine, wood, and spice from Jack Herer, a strain named after the famous cannabis author and activist. Mouthwatering flavour wasn’t the only thing to be passed down; an energetic and cerebral head high was also retained, a trait that makes Royal Jack a superb daytime smoke. A few hits from a joint or vape, and you’ll be geared up for 2 hours of intense focus and productivity. A medium CBD level adds a calm and clear-headed effect into the mix.

Royal Jack is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, peaking at a maximum height of 80cm in both environments. Indoor plants yield up to 400g/m², and their outdoor counterparts easily produce up to 120g/plant. Royal Jack has a fast growing cycle and is ready to harvest 10–12 weeks after germination.

Royal Jack Auto

The appropriately named Green Crack Punch delivers a solid right hook of energy directly to the cranium. If you have little energy or motivation to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, then she’s your remedy. Pre-roll a joint or pack a bong bowl the night before in preparation. Upon waking, play some soothing reggae and take a hit. Within seconds, you’ll be gifted with a fresh perspective—jump in the shower and dart out the door. This sativa-dominant lady provides a supercharging high fuelled by a THC level of 18%, alongside tastes of citrus and sweetness.

Green Crack Punch descends from parent strains Green Crack and Purple Punch. She’s a sight to behold in the grow or garden, boasting flowers decorated with deep purple sugar leaves. Indoors, she reaches a height of 160cm and yields up to 500g/m². Outdoors, she peaks at a height of 220cm and pumps out up to 600g/plant.

Green Crack Punch

Starting to flag every day after lunch? Feel as though the mornings are too intense, and digesting food delivers the final blow to your energy? Take a walk on your lunch break and load up your vape with Lemon Shining Silver Haze. This sativa powerhouse provides electrifying energy. A THC level of 21% ensures a swift and uplifting high. The result is a surging pulse of mental and physical energy that increases workflow, generates new ideas, and elevates the mood through the roof. Need proof? Lemon Shining Silver Haze won the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This sativa was created via the crossbreeding of Lemon Skunk and Shining Silver Haze. This specimen produces compact and dense flowers that glitter under the grow lights. Indoor plants have a flowering time of 9–11 weeks, grow to heights of between 80–140cm, and yield up to 475g/m². Outdoor plants grow to 170cm, produce a maximum harvest of 500g/plant, and will be ready to harvest during mid-October.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Looking for energy without the high? High-THC sativas are indeed energising, but some people simply can’t handle the mind-altering qualities. Instead of being inspiring and motivating, it becomes uncomfortable and overwhelming. Solomatic CBD is the perfect solution for these individuals. This strain produces a massive CBD level of 21% alongside negligible THC at 1%. Smoking or vaping Solomatic CBD results in a clean, clear-headed effect—it makes a great smoke before work or at lunch to increase focus and eliminate anxiety.

Solomatic CBD was created in the breeding room using parent strains Diesel CBD and Asia CBD Auto. She’s easy to grow and ready to harvest in no time. Expect a yield of up to 475g/m² from indoor plants. Plants cultivated outdoors in large pots or garden beds are capable of producing up to 150g/plant.

Solomatic CBD

Royal AK came to be when the RQS breeders harnessed Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan genetics. The result was a slightly sativa-dominant cultivar that exerts a crystal-clear head high alongside a subtle body stone. This strain is an ideal wake-and-bake variety. She ramps up mental energy for the day whilst relaxing the body and extinguishing any lingering stress. A THC level of 19% and aromas of earth, pine, and sweetness make her nothing but a pleasure to blaze.

Royal AK produces plump and resinous buds. Her medium height makes her suitable to grow in relatively small tents and concealed outdoor spaces. Indoor plants grow to between 80–140cm, produce up to 575g/m², and feature a flowering time of 8–10 weeks. Outdoor plants grow to a taller height of 170cm, produce rewarding yields of up to 650g/plant, and will be ready to trim during early October.

Royal AK


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