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Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions for which cannabis is used to tackle symptoms. The herb has been used to treat sensations of pain for centuries, and is now legally available in numerous countries to treat painful conditions. Pain is a signal received by the brain from the nervous system to warn it of a potential threat in the external environment. There are two primary types of pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain refers to traumatic injuries such as muscle strains, bone fractures, burns, cuts, and wounds from surgery. Acute pain presents with sharp sensations, but is short-lived and lasts no longer than six months.


Chronic pain, on the other hand, is a lingering type of pain that can heavily impact one’s quality of life. It’s often caused by illnesses such as arthritis, cancer, and fibromyalgia. However, other causes include injury, nervous system pathology, and suboptimal biomechanics. Chronic pain can often present even without obvious tissue damage or pathology, with symptoms lasting longer than six months and up to years at a time. Pain science is a complex topic, with leading physicians describing the root of pain as having “biopsychosocial” factors—“bio” meaning biological factors such as tissue injury, “psycho” meaning psychological factors, and “social” meaning factors such as stress, work, and environment. These factors all converge to produce an individual’s feeling of pain.

Many people are starting to turn to cannabis to treat their chronic pain symptoms, with the herb offering effective short-term relief, and therefore, increased quality of life. Cannabis has been reported to improve symptoms of pain, increase mood, and enhance sleep, even, and perhaps especially, in small doses.



Cannabis achieves analgesic responses via its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a signalling system with receptors located throughout the body. These receptor sites are activated by internal molecules known as endocannabinoids, some of which share a very similar structure to phytocannabinoids—cannabinoids from plants. In this way, these external cannabinoids can influence the ECS in ways similar to their internal counterparts.

Cannabinoids THC and CBD are able to alter cannabinoid receptor signalling, resulting in modulated pain thresholds. Moreover, cannabis’ ability to inhibit pro-inflammatory molecules and work in synergy with the endogenous opioid system makes a compelling case for its potential to relieve neuropathic and inflammatory pain. There is much more to be explored regarding the relationship between chronic pain and cannabis, but research in the area appears promising.

Below, we’ve chosen 5 cannabis strains that have been reported to be effective in assisting with chronic pain.


White Widow is a popular strain when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. She’s able to reduce painful sensations on multiple fronts simultaneously. Her high THC levels act to reduce inflammatory molecules, and her 50% indica genetics soothe the muscles, melt away tension, and invite the body into a deep state of calm. As well as targeting physical pain, this strain also catalyses pain relief on the psychological level. Her 50% sativa genetics induce feelings of euphoria, happiness, and motivation. This positive point of view helps one to temporarily forget about pain and enjoy the present moment. Along with these therapeutic effects, users will experience calming scents and flavours of earth, wood, and flowers. Medium levels of CBD further enhance both the physical and psychological potential of this strain.

White Widow makes a good candidate for an indoor grow room given that she only reaches between 60–100cm in height. Indoor plants produce good yields of between 450–500g/m² after a flowering time of 8–9 weeks. Plants grown outdoors grow to taller heights of up to 190cm, produce significant yields of up to 600g/plant, and will be ready to harvest during late October.

White Widow

White Widow

White Widow Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background White Widow S1
Yield indoor 500 - 550 g/m2
Height indoor 60 - 100 cm
Flowering time 8 - 9 weeks
THC strength THC: 19% (aprox.) / CBD: Medium
Blend 50% Sativa, 50% Indica
Yield outdoor 500 - 550 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 150 - 190 cm
Harvest time Late October
Effect Extremely stoned

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Royal Jack is the autoflowering version of the legendary strain Jack Herer, named after the influential cannabis author and activist. Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant variety known for its clear-headed high, blissful sensations, and reliable pain-relieving potential. The breeders of Royal Jack harnessed these therapeutic properties and merged them with a ruderalis variety to make the process of growing this plant much faster and easier. These flowers contain a moderate THC content of 16%, enough to reduce symptoms of pain without being too overwhelming. Her genetic profile of 40% sativa, 30% indica, and 30% ruderalis induces a motivating and inspiring effect that helps people stay positive, whilst subtly stoning the body and reducing physical sensations of pain. Her intense tastes of pepper, herbs, and spices make every hit a pleasant one.

Royal Jack is easy to grow at home, with her flowers ready to harvest after only 10 weeks from seed. Indoor plants maintain tiny sizes of 40–80cm, making her possible to grow within modified boxes and cupboards. Although small, she’s still capable of producing yields of up to 400g/m². Outdoor plants grown to similar heights of 60–80cm and produce up to 120g/plant. For those looking to be particularly discreet, this strain is an excellent guerrilla grow option that has minimal chances of being discovered.

Royal Jack Auto

Royal Jack Automatic

Royal Jack Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Jack Herer x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 350 - 400 g/m2
Height indoor 40 - 80 cm
Flowering time 6 - 7 weeks
THC strength THC: 16% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 40% Sativa, 30% Indica, 30% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 70 - 120 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 60 - 80 cm
Harvest time 9 - 10 weeks after planting
Effect A motivating and inspiring feeling

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OG Kush is a cannabis variety that stems from Northern California, where she gained immense popularity along the West Coast before spreading her seed around the world. She derives from a breeding programme that utilised parent strains ChemDawg, Pakistani Kush, and Lemon Thai to produce a strain high in THC, loaded with taste, and capable of extinguishing pain. Her indica-dominant high sends a wave of numbness over the entire body after only a few tokes, driven by a THC value of 19%. The sedating and tranquil effects of OG Kush make her a better strain to smoke in the evening time, or when you’re looking to relax. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed after being sent to sleep by this strain.

OG Kush produces large yields after a brief flowering period. Plants are capable of reaching heights of up to 160cm indoors, producing yields of between 425–475g/m² after 7–9 weeks of bloom. Plants cultivated outdoors grow to substantially taller heights of 220cm, produce yields peaking at 550g/plant, and will ready to harvest during the month of October.

Og Kush

OG Kush

OG Kush

Genetic background Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush
Yield indoor 425 - 475 gr/m2
Height indoor 90 - 160 cm
Flowering time 7 - 9 weeks
THC strength THC: 19% (aprox.) / CBD: Medium
Blend 25% Sativa, 75% Indica, 0% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 500 - 550 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 180 - 220 cm
Harvest time October
Effect Relaxing and full of flavour

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Purple Queen is an indica-dominant powerhouse that uses high THC levels to wage war against states of pain. Her flowers weigh heavy with psychoactive resin that holds THC levels hovering around 22%. It doesn’t take much to immediately feel changes in pain states; a few tokes later and the body begins to feel lighter, less stiff, and far less inflamed. This purple strain looks stunning in the grow room and descends from Middle Eastern and Asian parent strains Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Her relaxing and euphoric high is accompanied by moreish citrus flavours.

As well as being high in THC, this variety offers massive yields that provide pain sufferers with therapeutic flowers for weeks to come. Indoor plants produce approximately 450–500g/m², grow to heights of between 80–120cm, and will be ready for the chop after a flowering time of 8–9 weeks. Those growing this strain outdoors can expect rewarding yields of up to 700g/plant, heights of around 175–210cm, and a harvest time of October.

Purple Queen

Purple Queen

Purple Queen

Genetic background Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Yield indoor 450 - 500 gr/m2
Height indoor 80 - 120 cm
Flowering time 7 - 8 weeks
THC strength THC: 22% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 25% Sativa, 75% Indica, 0% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 450 - 500 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 175 - 210 cm
Harvest time October
Effect Relaxed and Euphoric

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Green Crack Punch is effective for numerous types of pain. Whether you are feeling sore after a bout of exercise or have persistent chronic aches, she can provide a well-balanced high that removes niggling sensations from muscles and joints, allowing for temporary relief no matter the time of day. Her genetic makeup of 60% sativa and 40% indica strikes the perfect balance for a pain-killing strain. The indica aspects help to target physical pain, whereas the sativa elements allow users to remain motivated and productive. The strain, derived from parents Green Crack and Purple Punch, provides a smooth smoke infused with fruity flavours of berries, citrus, and grapes.

Green Crack Punch has durable genetics and therefore can tolerate small errors when it comes to watering, nutrients, and lighting. She has a preference for warm climates and does well within indoor grow tents. In this setting, she’ll deliver yields of 450–500g/m² after a flowering time of 8–9 weeks, and will max out at heights of 160cm. Growers raising these plants outdoors can expect consistent yields of 550–600g/plant and heights of up to 220cm. Outdoor plants will be ready for harvesting and processing during late September.

Green Punch

Green Crack Punch


Genetic background Green Crack x Purple Punch
Yield indoor 450 - 500 gr/m2
Height indoor 90 - 160 cm
Flowering time 8 - 9 weeks
THC strength THC: 18% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 60% Sativa, 40% Indica
Yield outdoor 550 - 600 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 180 - 220 cm
Harvest time Late September
Effect Relaxed and Euphoric

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