Here are the top 5 autoflowering strains available, that contain the most THC. Autoflowering plants are a very popular choice among pro growers and breeders. They are also popular among those growing on a small scale for nothing more than personal use, due to several genetic characteristics, that make them popular for doing so.

Autoflowering strains are created by introducing the genetics of a Cannabis ruderalis plants to a grow space occupied by either sativa or indica strains. Cannabis ruderalis adapted to colder northern climate in comparison to its cousins indica and sativa. This meant less sunlight, so it had to make the most out of the little it had in order to photosynthesis and survive. For this reason, when growing an autoflowering strain, the grower does not have to alter the light cycle, like they would have to do if the strains they are growing did not have the autoflowering trait. Autoflowering plants usually flower within a small timeframe. Plus, Cannabis ruderalis is quite small and compact, which it contributes via its genetic makeup.

Thinking about growing a strain super high in THC? Why not try one of these hard-hitting autoflowering plants for an easier growing experience? Here are the top 5 cannabis strains, that share both of these properties.

amnesia haze automaticAMNESIA HAZE AUTOMATIC

Amnesia Haze Automatic brings autoflowering properties to this classical sativa variety. It contains around 50% sativa, 20% indica and 30% ruderalis genes. However, some may point out, that this may even be somewhat of an improvement. Every smoker loves a packed bowl or joint of sativa weed when a task needs doing, or when they feel their creative side emerging to write some music or paint something. The downside of some sativa varieties is the length of time it takes them to grow and eventually flower. Although some might have the meditative patience and may be void of the pressure of living in a region, that prohibits marijuana cultivation, others might be living in other conditions. For these people, they will be pleased to realise, that Amnesia Haze Automatic explodes from seed to harvest in as little as a 10 week period!

So aside from not needing to alter the light cycle, and a lightening-fast growing speed, what else can Amnesia Haze Automatic bring to smoker and grower? Well, when harvest time hastily arrives, you will be greeted by buds, that contain 18% or higher THC content, that is some strong bud. And not only this, but Amnesia Haze Automatic flowers also contain decent amounts of the cannabinoid CBD, meaning that it has some potent medicinal qualities derived from both THC and CBD, as well as promising recreational smoking potential from high THC content. If you grow your plants indoors, you can expect your Amnesia Haze Automatic crop to reach a height of 100cm and to produce a yield of around 350-400g/m². If you live in a warm and bright climate and decide to plant your green babies outdoors, you can expect them to reach heights of 120cm and to kick out yields of approximately 180g per plant when dried.

When smoking your Amnesia Haze Automatic harvest, you will experience a mixture of sweet and spicy taste sensations, accompanied by the classical taste of Amnesia strains. This will be complemented by a cerebral, uplifting and motivating psychoactive high.

royal jack autoROYAL JACK AUTO

Royal Jack Auto is the offspring of ruderalis and the legendary Jack Herer. Jack Herer is named after the greatly respected and revered author and cannabis activist, who spread the good word of hemp and its many industrial and medicinal functions, that society could reap if only it were embraced and utilised. He also attempted to expose the shady individuals, who played large parts in its damaging prohibition and suppression. The Jack Herer strain is just as potent as the individual it is named after, it is a strong sativa-dominant strain, and ruderalis genes graced it with autoflowering characteristic. Royal Jack Auto’s genetic makeup consists of 40% sativa, 30% indica and 30% ruderalis. Once again, this mix allows this strain to bless the grower with a shorter growing time frame, which can be extremely useful to individuals requiring it.

If you choose to cultivate Royal Jack Auto indoors then you can expect to receive a bountiful yield of up to 400g/m², with plant height peaking at only 80cm. This plant is highly functional and fruitful, small and stealthy. If choosing to grow in the great outdoors, growers can expect to see yields of up to 120g per plant when dried. With such a short time between planting and harvesting, this is an impressive yield indeed. These buds will contain 16% or more THC content, offering quite a powerful and impressive high for the smoker. Additional CBD content adds a medicinal touch. When smoking these beautiful buds, the first things you might notice is the beautiful smell, a fresh and peppery sensation. This will be accompanied by a sativa-dominant high, that will enhance creative expression and tantalising thoughts.

autoflowering collect royal queen seeds


Bubble Kush Automatic is the mind-blowing combination of three fantastic cannabis strains. It is the union between Bubble Gum, OG Kush and the autoflowering Royal Critical Automatic. These attributes bring together the best qualities of indica and sativa strains, all wrapped up in the beneficial and fast growing genetics of Cannabis ruderalis.

Those grows with the ambition to grow this magnificent strain can expect to see nice yields of 400g/m² when choosing to cultivate it indoors. Within such conditions this strain can reach the functional and stealthy height of about 80cm. Those growing outdoors will see yields equal to 170g per plant when the material is dried. Outdoor heights will be higher, the strain will top out at about 100cm. Buds will contain 16% or more THC.

When smoking Bubble Kush Automatic your tongue will be hit by sweet and rich flavours. The high is incredibly relaxing and induces a positive high. So, when rolling up some of this weed, kick back and relax.


Blue Cheese Automatic is a hardy and adaptable plant, making it perfect for growers in less than admirable climates or those struggling to find optimal conditions. It bares well with fluctuating and less than optimal temperatures, making it more than suitable to grow either indoors or outdoors. Blue Cheese Automatic is a cross between Blueberry Automatic and Cheese Automatic, the result of intensive and professional breeding. Blue Cheese Automatic’s genetic makeup is 35% sativa, 40% indica and 25% ruderalis. It of course boasts the beneficial characteristics of providing a harvest over just 10 weeks and being ready to smoke and store shortly after that. Buds from Blue Cheese Automatic plants hold up to 16% or more THC.

Blue Cheese Automatic Growing indoors? Then your plants will most likely reach compact heights of around 70cm and pump out yields of up to 375g/m². Growing outside? Then be prepared for heights of about 110cm and yields that will produce about 110 grams of bud per plant. The high from this plant is very uplifting, perfect to smoke when engaging in fun activities or around good friends.


Royal Haze Automatic is a mixture of Amnesia Haze, Skunk and certain autoflowering varieties, that grant it the autoflowering ability and a rapid grow cycle. This strain is utterly ideal for growers in search of something that won’t require huge amounts of maintenance and will produce the goods within a short period of time.

Growing Royal Haze Automatic will be ready for picking about 12 weeks after planting, offering buds containing 15% or higher THC content. Indoor growers will receive yields of up to 350g/m² with plants reaching 85cm in height. Outdoor growers can expect plants to grow up to 150cm tall and pump out 180g of buds when dried.

Smoking Royal Haze Automatic is pleasurable, the strain offers an uplifting and energising high.





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