Autoflowering indica strains are relatively easy to grow and produce buds, that offer smokers a relaxed and “stoned” experience.

Many modern smokers like to know what kind of weed they are inhaling. This is because different strains and subspecies ultimately offer varying psychotropic highs. Even stoners who don't do their research know the now famous distinction between the cannabis subspecies indica and sativa. Indica strains are popular for their relaxing characteristics, allowing people to obtain a pleasant and heavy body high, that offers stress-reducing effects. Indica strains offer more of a "stoned” sensation than the “buzzy” head high associated with sativa varieties of the cannabis plant. Suited to indoor growth, indica plants are comparatively short, broad and bulky in appearance, sporting large leaves with thick fingers. The subspecies usually contains a higher CBD to THC ratio than sativa plants, making it a great choice for medicinal users and those who suffer from anxiety.

Another subspecies of cannabis exists under the name of Cannabis ruderals. This somewhat less known variety grows much smaller and is far more weed-like in nature. However, its hardcore ability to survive extreme climates allowed it to flourish far north where there is little light during the year in comparison to much of the Earth. For this reason ruderalis has the ability to “autoflower”, meaning it does not require a change in the photoperiod like other subspecies do in order to let its buds loose. Ruderalis has been bred with indica and sativa varieties to gift certain strains among these subspecies with autoflowering genetics.

Such breeding has resulted in some of the best autoflowering indicas entering the market, allowing both growers and smokers to thoroughly enjoy relaxing indica weed in an easy to grow format. Here are three of the best autoflowering indicas available today.

northern light automatic Cerebral and uplifting ruderalisNORTHERN LIGHT AUTO

Northern Light is by far one of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world, having its roots in Afghani genetics and making an entrance into Holland during the 1980s. Since then this strain has been bred in a way, that it now sports autoflowering genetics and is feminized, meaning it is substantially easier to grow and the risk of males penetrating the growing environment and threatening yields is eliminated. What more could a grower ask for?

This stain offers the smoker a pleasurably sweet tasting joint or bong hit, followed by a satisfying physical effect and cerebral and uplifting high. Its THC content is rated at 14% and upwards, while the CBD content remains low, meaning it is a great choice for those seeking mainly psychoactive effects, which can also be useful for certain medicinal needs, as well as recreational ones. Being a cross between Northern Light and ruderalis, Northern Light Auto is 80% indica and 20% ruderalis. 


royal bluematic Stoned and powerful ruderalis

Royal Bluematic features an extremely appropriate name; this is because it is Royal Queen Seeds' version of the world-famous Blueberry strain, now autoflowering and feminised. Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering genetics crossed with Blue family genetics, Thailand races, Thai hybrids and Afghan from Oregon and California were all combined in order to manifest this magnificent strain. You can expect the plant to grow between 60-75cm tall and be ready to harvest in just 8 to 9 weeks after sowing. These characteristics render the strain perfect for low profile, indoor grow rooms.

Packing a body-heavy, stoned effect and blueberry-like taste, Royal Bluematic features 14% and upwards in THC content and medium CBD content. It is a 60% Indica, 30% ruderalis and 10% sativa.


Sweet Skunk Automatic is a hybrid between Green Poison and the autoflowering Big Devil #2. Autoflowering genes have made this plant very versatile and it can therefore handle a diverse range of environments. It is fast growing and you can expect to harvest this beast at around the 8 week mark after sowing seeds. It features a fruity, dank aroma and taste and houses about 15% THC with low CBD content. Sweet Skunk Automatic is a 10% sativa, 60% indica and 30% ruderalis.

sweet skunk Cerebral and uplifting ruderalis


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