By Luke Sumpter

Autoflowering cannabis strains offer beginner and advanced growers a smooth and speedy harvest. These strains inherited genetics from Cannabis ruderalis, a subspecies from Europe and Central Asia. Autoflowering genetics have become prized, as they don’t require a change in the light cycle to begin flowering. What’s more, they move from seed to harvest much faster than photoperiod varieties.

Aside from the valuable autoflowering trait, ruderalis plants don’t offer much else. They are tiny and produce minuscule yields. To circumvent this issue, breeders cross ruderalis strains with well-known hybrids to endow them with the ability to produce impressive harvests and satisfying effects.

Below is a list of the top 5 autoflowering indica strains. They offer a soothing and sedating high, and are super easy to grow!

1. Northern Light Automatic

Northern Light Automatic is the autoflowering version of the legendary Northern Light, a strain that has been rocking the breeding world for decades. The original strain was bred in the US before becoming popular in Holland, but the landraces used to create it are thought to have originated in Afghanistan. Northern Light Automatic brings together the best traits of this legend along with rapid flowering times and durable genetics. This creation grants beginners access to stellar genetics they would otherwise find difficult to cultivate. This strain produces green-purple buds decorated with shiny white trichomes. A THC content of 14% makes for a chilled-out body high that is easy to control. If you value taste, then you’re in for a treat. Northern Light Automatic offers flavor notes of earth, pine, and sweetness.

Northern Light Automatic doesn’t mess around. You’ll be the proud owner of a fully bloomed plant only 10 weeks after germination. If you plan on growing NLA indoors, expect it to reach a height of 46.8 inches and provide a yield of around 18.5 oz/m². If you want to raise it outdoors, expect it to peak at a height of 62.4 inches and produce up to 7.8 oz.

Northern Light Automatic

Sometimes, you can tell a lot about a strain by its name alone. This is undoubtedly true for Quick One. The idea behind this strain was to create a cultivar ready to harvest in as little time as possible. Such a trait is desirable to small-scale growers, as well as cultivators looking to keep a low profile. Breeders achieved this innovative hybrid by crossing the autoflowering Lowryder 1 with an old-school indica. This perfect match produced a fast-flowering beast that provides a stoning high. A THC level of 13% won’t send you into space, but it’s enough to relax the muscles and catalyse a euphoric state of mind. Its funky terpene profile augments these effects with citrus flavors.

Quick One was designed for stealth growers. Indoor plants grow no taller than 23.4 inches, and put out a maximum yield of 11.5 oz/m² after only 8 weeks from germination. Outdoors, plants grow to 2 – 3.3 feet in height and stay hidden among the surrounding vegetation. Here, they’ll churn out up to 5.3 oz.

Quick One

Royal Bluematic is loaded with flavor. This is the autoflowering version of Blueberry, a legendary strain famed for its vibrant taste of forest fruits. Blueberry is a brutally potent indica-dominant strain. The fruity flavors and tranquillising high made a significant impact on the competition circuit, where it won “Best Indica” at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000. Its 14% THC content and medium CBD level are a superb combination to unwind with in the evening. RQS' breeders decided to transition these stellar genes into the autoflowering world. Now, its peaceful effects and unmatched tastes are much easier to obtain.

Royal Bluematic produces relatively large flowers. Its buds feature broad sugar leaves that are perfect for hash making. Indoor plants grow to a height of 2 – 2.5 feet and produce a rewarding yield of up to 16.8 oz/m². Plants grown outdoors favor a mild climate, peak at a height of 39 inches, and yield 2.5 – 4.2 oz. You’ll be trimming these flowers only 8–9 weeks post-germination.

Royal Bluematic

Growers usually have to make a tradeoff when it comes to growing autoflowering strains. It’s often a case of sacrificing THC for rapid growing times. That was until Royal Gorilla Automatic came along. This brilliant beast blew this presumption out of the water. Breeders combined Gorilla, Cookies, and a ruderalis specimen to create one of the most potent autoflowers of all time. Now, growers can experience the best of both worlds. RGA offers a thunderous indica high powered by 20% THC, in only a fraction of the time of its photoperiod predecessor. A few tokes is all it takes for the eyelids to droop, the eyes to turn red, and the appetite to surge to new heights.

As well as providing monstrous levels of THC, Royal Gorilla Automatic offers a substantial yield. Indoor plants climb to a height of 46.8 inches and pump out around 14.1 oz/m². Plants grown outdoors reach up to 54.6 inches and yield 6 oz. Royal Gorilla Automatic will be ready to harvest and dry 8–10 weeks after seeds have been sown.

Royal Gorilla Automatic

Bubble Kush Automatic is another autoflower that comes packing heat. Its dark green, frosty nugs reach a THC value of 16%—a force to be reckoned with alongside legendary genetics. This plant is the result of combining the iconic Bubble Gum and OG Kush along with Critical Automatic. This mix of strains results in a genetic composition of 60% indica, 30% ruderalis, and 10% sativa. Bubble Kush Automatic obviously leans toward the indica side of the spectrum, and its effect reflects this. Its fast-acting high immediately grips the body and clears the head.

Bubble Kush Automatic pulls no punches when it comes to productivity. Indoor plants top out at a height of 39 inches and churn out 14.1 oz/m². Plants grown outdoors reach 54.6 inches and yield around 6 oz. Get ready to pluck these buds only 7–8 weeks after germination.

Bubble Kush Automatic

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