The Skunk Varieties are a result of one of the earliest experiments for higher potency. With a carefully selected balance of the Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis cultivar, Sweet Skunk is definitely not lacking in power or flavor. The fact that it is auto flowering makes it a very easy-to-use strain that adapts to its conditions. It grows beautifully indoors and outdoors, at a fast rate of about seven weeks from germination to harvesting. The effort involved is low compared to the benefits and enjoyment that follows.

Sweet Skunk Automatic Cannabis Seeds

The THC is another reason to try this strain. With a THC concentration of 15%, this Skunk variety is known for having two to three times more THC than regular street marijuana. Potency is one of the most important things so high levels of THC ensure that I will be a happy camper while enjoying the aromatic benefits. I will also add that a little goes a long way in achieving a nice high.

The main thing the Skunk is known for is its strong scent. Sweet Skunk delivers on the strong but it also adds an element of surprise with the solid, spicy fragrance balanced out by sweet notes that are mild and pleasant. As you can imagine, the taste reflects the sweet and musky aroma. It is best to keep it in an airtight container unless you want your house to be reminiscent of your wonderful skunky experience.

A big reason I love the Sweet Skunkis that it gives an incredible full body stone high. As if that is not enough, a flowing mental high comes along and leaves me laid out for what seems like forever. From the beginning of the buzz to the end, I would say the high lasts about two and a half hours. The high ends well and leaves me with a mental clarity to reflect on my experience.

Sweet Skunk Automatic Cannabis Seeds

Most people are familiar with using joints and bongs as a traditional way of medicating. The downside to this is that a lot of cannabinoids are lost through burning and the smoking can be irritating to the respiratory system. Enter vaporizing; this method uses a steady heating method to evaporate cannabis without causing combustion. This results is a greater high since vapor contains more THC and is absorbed more easily and faster. The odor from vapor is minimal and does not linger long. This opens up the ability to smoke discreetly in social settings. If you are looking for new ways to enjoy the weed, vaporizing is something I recommend you try.

Sweet Skunk Automatic Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to the weed, options are available in plenty. The Skunk strain is a well-known and trusted variety even among Medical Marijuana users. I recommend the Sweet Skunk Automatic, it gives a wonderful experience with its strong aroma mixed with surprising sweet notes. It is a pleasant contradiction; spicy and sweet. One thing is for sure, the stone high and mental relaxation will make the Sweet Auto one of your favorites.
Sweet Skunk Automatic Cannabis Seeds

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