They also know that these different strains of plants can be mixed in different ratios to make blends of various potencies and odors that users seek when buying these plants. However, in some cases the user only wish to purchase one specific strain of the plant.
Special Queen Growing OutdoorsThere is one strain of marijuana called "Special Queen Cannabis" or "Special Queen #1" that is relatively easy to grow and maintain and is an ideal plant for first time growers. This strain is a hybrid developed at the Royal Queen Seeds Company in the Netherlands. This strain is genetically a 50/50 combination of an "Indica" marijuana plant, meaning a plant of Middle East origin, and "Sativa" marijuana plant, a plant grown from seeds. Generally, most flowering plants have both the male and female reproductive organs in their flowers. However, the Special Queen Cannabis is a feminized plant, meaning there is no male plant grown. This company specializes in growing the plant from the buds produced by the female plant.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors like most marijuana plants. Outdoors in plenty of sunlight this plant can grow as tall as nine feet and produce three times the yield of the indoors grown plant. In eight weeks the plant is ready for harvesting after flowering occurs. It is a breed that tolerates fungal diseases and molds very well and is very suitable to grow in locations where the temperature fluctuates widely.
Huge field full of Special Queen Cannabis

 (A huge field of Cannabis grown with Special Queen Seeds)

Smoking this strain produces a middle-high to high effect in the users and the effect from the smoke is long-lasting and relaxing. The aroma from the smoke as described by 40% of the users as being sweet or spicy and 20% describing it as being microbiological. The taste of the plant as described by 40% of the users as bitter, 35% described it as sour while 15% and 10% of the users described the taste as sweet and microbiological, respectively.

As far as the effects on the body is concerned, 56% of the users said the effects of the weed is felt throughout the body while 44% of users said the effects of the weed is felt in the head. Most users ,about 20%, reported feeling energetic and calm while a smaller percentage of the users felt pain numbing, appetizing, narcotic, and couch lock. Mentally, the users said the experience was thought provoking, relaxing, exhilarating,and up-lifting.

Special Queen Cannabis strain report
Medically, this strain like other strains of marijuana, can be used to treat digestive ailments such as nausea and vomiting. Many users have used it to treat glaucoma, epilepsy, pain, some movement disorders and asthma. Since marijuana is a psychoactive drug some users have used it for the treatment of some psychiatric disorders such eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. As you can see, this is a long list of medical uses for this strain and there will probably be more as more countries around the world pass and make adjustments on their current laws pertaining to the medical use of marijuana.
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