My recent experience with Royal Bluematic Seeds has inspired me to pass on the word regarding my wonderful experience with this cannabis. I actually began by ordering the seeds themselves so that I could be sure that the plant was procured properly. After some love and mild patience were given, I was ready to experience everything that this strain had to offer.

Although I almost exclusively utilize a vaporizer when I use cannabis, I also always take the time to smoke new strains when I am using them for the very first time. I was first impressed with the actual background knowledge that I was able to gather on the lineage of this particular cannabis. The roots of the plant reside in hybrids and strains that have been perfected in Thailand. These strains were combined with Afghan breeds that are consistently cultivated in California and Oregon, leading to a unique flavor and appearance that one rarely sees in cannabis derived from families of this kind. The appearance and aroma of the seeds also reflected this unique background as well.

The short amount of time that the plant required to reach full maturity was impressive as well. In as little as eight weeks, harvesting the plant was possible. The actual flowering of the buds took place in just under five weeks. In terms of the taste and aroma, the sensation of blueberry is quite striking. While I cultivated my plants indoors, one can easily grow this strain outside with the same kinds of success and expectations. Another impressive aspect of the plant is the amount of cannabis that I was able to procure from a single plant. Using only one plant, I was able to procure roughly 130 grams. Although I do not consider myself to be a novice when it comes to growing plants of various strains, the growth process was so pleasurable and painless that I would endorse this strain as one that is wonderful for any amateur who is just beginning to gather knowledge on the practice.

While the plant did not grow as high as many of the other strains I have used in the past, these seeds were genetically altered in order to allow their efforts to be concentrated elsewhere. The growth was focused on the flowering of large, singular buds rather than multiple, smaller ones and extreme growth heights. My plants reached an actual height of 5 centimeters. According to my research, this growth seems to be average for most growers.

The smoking experience offers much more than a rush of blueberries and fruitful aromas. There is a deep and earthy sweetness that comes in every drag. The flavor is smooth while the actual effects of the cannabis come on gently, arching towards a unique and powerful peak. Once you begin to experience the full effect of the plant, the peak remains steady and calm without losing much of its intensity in any respect. The same characteristics hold true when using a vaporizer as well. The two experiences were very similar with only a few mild differences. The strain released its full potential over a longer period of time when vaporized. While the flavor was still heavily distinguishable when smoking the strain, the blueberry flavor was much stronger when experienced using a vaporizer.


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